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Wednesday 19 May 2010

Pakistan blocks Facebook

Well, it would seem that a Pakistani court is not overly pleased about tomorrow’s designation as Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. It has therefore ordered that access to Facebook be blocked in Pakistan until 31 May, owing to the fact that members of the social networking site have been collaborating in this imaginative retort to Revolution Muslim’s thinly veiled death threats against South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. What will happen next? As they are de facto outposts of Pakistan, how about a ban on Facebook for insulting Islam in Dewsbury, Burnley and Bradford? Now, what would Rowan Williams have to say about that?

Not being of an artistic bent, I’ve borrowed a Motoon from someone else.


  1. Did you see the pictures in the Daily Wail? Had a banner held up by a large group of Religion of Peace followers exclaiming:

    "Kill those who draw Muhammad"

    The irony!

  2. Just had a look. Astonishing. And to think that many people out there were able to legally vote in our election the other week. It fair curdles the blood.

    Although I enjoy irony, the strength of irony possessed by so many Muslims on this score is beyond appreciation.


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