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Saturday, 1 May 2010

EDL Aylesbury Protest

From the few reports covering today's EDL protest in Aylesbury, it is clear that supporters vastly outweighed the number of UAF counter-demonstrators. The BBC and Telegraph estimate that the EDL managed to draw a crowd some 800 - 1,000-strong, compared to a mere 75 for the UAF. According to the Telegraph, there was some low-level violence on the part of some amongst the EDL crowd, but previous reporting of such protests has been so skewed against the EDL in favour of the Islamo-Marxist UAF that it would be best to wait for reports and video evidence to emerge from the EDL and bystanders before rushing to any conclusions.

According to the BBC, twelve arrests were made, but as no mention was made as to whether they were EDL supporters or UAF counter-demonstrators, we should once again reserve judgement until the full facts become available. As the EDL is portrayed as a 'far-right' bogey by the BBC, it is doubtful that it would have passed up the opportunity to crow about the fact that its supporters had been arrested. Previous arrests at EDL protests have predominantly been of UAFsupporters, so it is probable that once again Islamo-Marxists have been taken into custody. The fact that of the twelve eight "were being held on suspicion of carrying offensive weapons" would seem to support this supposition, for UAF members have been arrested for this self-same offence at a number of counter-demonstrations.


  1. Let's get this straight - as some one who was there stewarding and supporting legal observers the arrests were on the EDL side (I witnessed 2 myself) The counter demo was not organised by UAF as they choose not to have a national mobilisation for this event, it was organised by local groups in Aylesbury and other parts of Bucks. There were between 150-200 people in total in Vale Park and there were sizeable numbers of young Muslim men outside the main mosque who behaved in a restrained way despite a flashpoints where EDL coaches and minibuses were driven close to Vale Park and to the main Asian area. Despite the abuse and threatening behaviour people remained calm (again I was in this group & witnessed this). What I am saying to is that there was a consistent opposition to the EDL in the town but the most startling aspect is that there were more police than both groups in total.

    An Islamic-Marxist

  2. Thank you for your perspective. I do not condone violence or thuggery. However, I do find it something of a shock to learn that this English town has what you refer to as an 'Asian area'. Incidentally, shouldn't that be 'Muslim area'? This implies not only that a Muslim colony has been established in the town, but also that there are other parts of Aylesbury that are beginning to suffer from colonisation. This is most disturbing, and why the EDL and kindred political spirits have sprung into existence.

    You also state that there were 'flashpoints where EDL coaches and minibuses were driven close to Vale Park and to the main Asian area'. Why would these be 'flashpoints'? This seems to imply that your counter-demonstrators were intent upon violence.

    If people demonstrate and you don't like their message, you ignore them. That's democracy. I often see members of the SWP on the streets haranguing the public, but their street stalls aren't 'flashpoints', despite the fact that they are peddling a dangerous revolutionary ideology that seeks to incite violence. I ignore them and walk on by. If Muslims learned real tolerance instead of bellicosely imposing themselves on the native populations of every country where they settle, movements like the EDL wouldn't even exist. Don't you get it? It's the entire Islamic mindset of 'we're superior and you have to adapt to us and alter your ways' that's the source of the friction. If you wish to live your life in accordance with Islam, then fine: move to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia or some other benighted hell-hole where shariah is respected.

  3. Having been the one to have actually initiated the EDL counter-event I have to say that 99% of what's been written about that day the EDL came to town by the left, is pure and utter bollocks; and that I continue to be extremely proud (!) of stopping the 'mighty' UAF dead in their tracks from turning the town's peaceful counter-event, into a full on blood-bath and violent confrontation. Oh believe me, the morons at UAF national headquarters did try to mobilise nationally for its members not attending their AGM the same day, but had to make do with parachuting Oxford UAF in to 'fight' their corner instead. Who tried to make an (ultimately unsuccessful) hostile take-over bid of the town's counter-event - as everybody who's anybody in the left knows is a pretty bog-standard political technique of the SWP/UAF (still regret to this day not letting the local EDL lads kick ten bells out of the arrogant anti-Semitic middle-class idiots I, and others, protected at the time). But Aylesbury's (as a town and community) peaceful and non-confrontational response to the EDL became a template for other EDL counter-events that have followed since. Though few like to admit it; and I can tell you now also that the local EDL organisers we spoke to were true to their word, by organising an as equally peaceful demo on their part (one of the rare EDL demos to have done so in its history). The much lauded and videoed scuffle at the end, was simply a result of the idiotic Thames Valley Police not allowing the EDL to return to their coaches when their demo finished earlier than planned. Not as a result on the EDL's part to 'get at the counter-event' - an event taking place in a completely different part of town). Ultimately, this town and its people showed the UAF and the far-left extremists that they weren't welcome (and continue to remain unwelcome) here either...and that, contrary to their ego and vanity, weren't actually needed (Linton Kwesi Johnson summed up the SWP SO perfectly back in the 1970's didn't he!). But the SWP/UAF mythology about 1 May 2010 will doubtless continue, as truth seems to be just too much to bear for the Stalinist's and anti-Semitic's and their apologists to deal with (well, I guess no organisation likes to be defeated and lose face to a single, solitary person. Especially if it's someone else in the left too and that person's Jewish!. Much easier just to lie about 'multiple arrests', 'violent edl' and 'cowardly Cllrs.' Bottom line: Aylesbury's counter-event's primary goal was to protect fundamental civil liberties. One of which is the right for anybody to gather and protest peacefully. The SWP/UAF tried to destroy democracy that day (and in the run up to it) here in Aylesbury. We as a town didn't let them - and I for one have hated them and will continue to do so since. Because the SWP/UAF proved to me that they are in reality right up there with Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Amin, Nero, Thatcher etc.; and that their version of freedom, liberty, equality and democracy is not something any of us should desire or aspire in attaining. Well not unless you want to live in an Orwellian nightmare of pigs gone insane with power lust, and becoming everything that they once stood for!!!


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