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Monday 3 May 2010

EDL/United Defence League's Message for UAF

In the following video a spokesman for the EDL/United Defence League delivers a message to the UAF informing them that their days are up. Amusingly, he outlines how the tables have been turned on the UAF's Martin Smith through using tactics (albeit non-threatening, which is where the crucial difference lies) normally utilised by the UAF to bar the BNP from pubs and other meeting places. Members of the EDL have already turned up at 'open' UAF meetings to peacefully ask questions, which has caused consternation amongst UAF members. The EDL/United Defence League will henceforth turn up at all such meetings wherever possible as well as at the peculiarly entitled 'Love Music, Hate Racism' events staged by UAF and confederate organisations. Watch the video, and have a chuckle.

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