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Monday, 3 May 2010

EDL Dudley Mosque Rooftop Protest

The EDL really should have left this until after the election as this action will give the mainstream mass media the opportunity to trumpet about the so-called 'dangers' of the 'far-right' and in some way seek to associate this action with the BNP. The following piece is taken from the Halesowen News:
REPORTS are coming in that the English Defence League has occupied the rooftop of a derelict building in Dudley earmarked for a mammoth new mosque.

The group staged a daytime protest in the town on Easter Saturday to show their objection to the planned new place of worship - and almost immediately afterwards supporters said a return visit was already being planned.

Around 20 EDL members, with their faces covered, are reportedly involved in the protest, which has been advertised on the group's page on social networking site Facebook.  
An eyewitness said: "They're waving England flags and blaring out Islamic music from a loud speaker."  
The EDL's website says the protestors "have food and water to last them weeks, and a pa system to give speeches".

It adds: "I believe they even have a Playstation. They will be playing the call to prayer to let those who are not bothered by this mosque know what to look forward to."  
Police and fire crews - however - have arrived at the scene and sealed off Hall Street in the hope of achieving a swift end to the protest.
According to a report on the Up Pompeii blog
Gangs of Muslims are roaming the streets with knives. We have had a lot of feedback from supporters in Dudley, and all are saying the same things, the police are letting this happen. Muslims are being allowed to walk around unchallenged with weapons. Knives, bricks, you name it.
I very much hope that this rumour turns out to be false and ask that EDL members consider the implications of their actions for our civil liberties. Although I am in complete agreement with the EDL that the Dudley mosque should not be built as locals do not want it and it would be a bad thing in and of itself, I think that such tactics are likely to backfire, as the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives and Labour all wish to beef-up anti-free speech measures in order to 'protect' Muslims (i.e. seek to secure their bloc vote) and may use the actions of the EDL as a pretext to limit our right to public protest and wider intellectual dissent.

The most effective way to counter Islamisation in the UK is peacefully through the ballot box: vote BNP.

EDL rooftop protesters courtesy of EDL website


  1. Oh, have you seen this, btw?

  2. No, I hadn't. Thanks for the link. This is excellent news. A good start. Our next task must be to get planning permission for all further mosques, madrassahs and 'interfaith centres' blocked.

  3. islam is the enemy of freedom and democracy


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