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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Enoch Powell and the 'Lost Voices of Britain'

The blogger British Activism has produced a fascinating video compilation detailing the views of ordinary British people about the phenomenon of mass immigration and the concomitant transformation of our country. Spanning the period from the 1960s to the 2000s, the message conveyed by the voices that you will hear remains surprisingly constant: we were never asked about the policy of mass immigration; mass immigration is causing serious problems, yet our politicians won’t listen; we feel like strangers in our own country; the incomers won’t integrate; we don’t bear ill will towards immigrants and the immigrant population, but they have their ways and we have ours, so why do the politicians encourage them to come? We don't want mass immigration. Why are our views ignored?

Listening to the tone of these British voices is instructive. In the interviews from the 1960s and early 1970s, a certain freedom and lack of inhibition can be detected, whereas in the voices from the last decade can be heard a tenor of despair and fear. As the immigrant population has multiplied, grown in confidence and acquired political muscle and special legal privileges, the English in particular (for they and their land have been the primary victims of this influx) have felt themselves increasingly marginalised.

Enoch Powell of course, was the man who bravely drew attention to the negative impact of mass immigration in his famous speech delivered in Birmingham on 20 April 1968. The press dubbed it the ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, and this is the label that has stuck ever since. If you were to believe the “chorus of execration” that Powell correctly predicted would follow the delivery of his speech, you could be forgiven for believing that Powell was some kind of fiend. However, if you have not read his speech in full, I would urge you to do so. The first time I read his words I found them to be revelatory. Here was a man, a brave man, who viewed the role of the politician as being one of public service, eloquently articulating the concerns of his constituents and the wider British public with respect to mass immigration. Moreover, he foresaw the long-term consequences of this policy and thus felt powerfully moved to express his foreboding. He was right. The prescience of this highly educated and humane man, as well as his character, have been unjustly pilloried and stigmatised by a hostile political class and mass media ever since.

Watch live streaming video from britishactivism at


  1. Watched it when it was first put up. A very good history lesson.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment Abu. Unfortunately it seems to have vanished. This is the second time this glitch appears to have hit this blog in the past week. Have you come across many British expats in Canada who have fled from the process detailed in this video?

  3. Hi there, thanks very much for linking to my video! It is appreciated.

    The video is still here on your blog, but not being all that technical I do not know just how you have linked it. What I will say though, is that at the moment it is cropping off about 30% of the width (unless the viewers manage to go to the main site).

    What I had to do on my site was alter the "code" of the link (using the view code feature of the Blogger post editor) and alter the parameters to the following "height="400" id="lsplayer" width="420">" and also where it says "mute=false" width="420" height="400" .

    This seemed to allow the video to fit within the width of the blog text space.

    I hope that makes some sense lol.

    Thanks again for watching and linking to my video :). Red Squirrel also linked it just the other day, but I was beginning to wonder if anyone had watched it! lol.

    I am just glad it may be of use to Nationalists in some way.

    I was also going to reply to Winston on that thread we have been going through, but I have been ultra busy tonight and have not got around to it. Maybe another day!

    Best regards,

    British Activism.

  4. Thanks for producing this video British Activism. It's great. If you have any material to make a follow-up on another aspect of the national question, I'd very happily view it and post it. This must have taken quite a bit of effort to put together and it deserves a lot more viewings than it's had so far.

    Thanks for the technical tips by the way. I'm pretty new to this blogging thing (well, I've been at it for just over a year) and my IT skills are not that technical. Your information about altering the code solves a problem with respect to my truncated videos that's been perplexing me for a while. I'll have a go at implementing this remedy when I get home from work tomorrow. If I try it now, I'll probably mess it up. Sleep is needed!

  5. On British ex-pats:
    I don't meet them and they are few locally.

    On Enoch Powell:
    There are bits and pieces of words, images, and videos floating around the Internet. If you can put them together in one place and make it go viral, you'll have a powerful weapon in your hand. You can, say, mass produce DVDs of this video and mail them to residents of a borough. Then there will be the inevitable screams of racism in the local paper that generates wider publicity for the video and drives traffic to the site where the video is hosted.

    On video sizing:
    The only important parameter in video sizing that you should keep in mind is the default aspect ratio. YouTube used to use the standard TV width-to-height aspect ratio of 4:3 but has now switched to the standard wide-screen aspect ratio of 16:9. Livestream videos like the one you linked to also use the standard wide-screen format. You need to keep the aspect ratio fixed so that the video doesn't appear compressed or stretched. To keep the aspect ratio fixed without cropping the video off in a blog post,
    (1) find out the column width of your blog template, which will be the maximum width of your video;
    (2) pick a width W (less than or equal to the maximum width) and calculate the height H of your video according to the formula H = W/(aspect ratio); and
    (3) manually input W and H into the blog post's HTML code per British Activism's suggestion.

  6. Interesting idea about a DVD Abu. Does anyone else have an opinion on this suggestion?

    It's a pity that only excerpts of Powell's speech survive on film. I'm not sure if this is down to the fact that only part of the speech was filmed, or simply due to much of it having been subsequently lost.

    Thanks for the HTML tips. I think that I've more or less got this video to fit now.


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