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Sunday 11 July 2010

Ummah Rise Video Footage: Cardiff Demonstration 10 July 2010

The team from the Green Arrow must be congratulated for producing the following excellent video report on yesterday’s Ummah Rise demonstration in Cardiff. To date, this is the only footage that appears to have emerged, and I urge you to view the report in full.

As expected, the numbers turning up for the demonstration were not large, with the group numbering circa 30 demonstrators, most of whom were men. If we assume that the burqa-clad figures were female, then five women appear to have been present. A small police presence was in evidence and a dishevelled trio from the Socialist Workers’ Party also turned up to show their ‘solidarity’ with Ummah Rise (although I’m sure that the latter would gladly have these SWP members stoned if they were ever in a position to implement Shariah). There were no counter-demonstrators from the WDL or any other organisation.

The messages displayed and broadcast by the demonstrators were the standard fare of Islamists across Europe. They came well provisioned with posters and banners upon which the following slogans were emblazoned:
· Belgium go to Hell

· France go to Hell

· The hour will not be established until a group of Muslims conquer Rome

· Niqab today, Quran tomorrow

· Hands off Muslims

· Islam is the answer. Democracy is the cancer

· Democracy = Hypocrisy

· Shariah 4 Europe

· European Union Satanic Union

· Man-made law go to Hell
These splenetic slogans were accompanied by ill-tempered energetic ranting and chanting of Allahu akbar and the Shahada. One chant was “UK watch your backs!” which one assumes means that we are being threatened with violence. Another, which was enthusiastically belted out, was “Shariah for UK!” The ranter in chief yelled out “We’ve had enough of the crusades in Muslim lands!” and sundry other bits and pieces claiming that our troops are committing massacres and raping their way through the populations of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Such statements will doubtless be grist to the mill of the Islamists’ leftist apologists who will claim that all of this ‘radicalism’ is merely a by-product of our “aggressive foreign policy”. Of course, it is nothing of the sort, and the demonstrators made this amply clear in their slogans, their speeches and their mode of dress. Quite simply, they believe that Islam is superior to all other systems of belief and should be advanced via any means necessary, including violence. The small band of protesters which comprised Ummah Rise were not there to campaign for their rights in the UK and the EU more widely, but to declare their belief that the UK, the EU and the world should submit to Shariah and a global caliphate. As one of their own banners clearly stated “Democracy = Hypocrisy”, and in exercising their right to demonstrate yesterday, they revealed their hypocrisy in using democracy to call for the latter’s destruction.


  1. there is no shuch thing as the message of ala or mahoma...I suggest that muslimes go and practice their savagery in the deserts of the world, thats it DESERT!! your right place to be......

  2. Gee, Islam is such heartwarming fun, innit? The charm!The laughs! The good cheer! The joi de voire! Er, no. Islam sucks shit and blood. No really. Colonel Neville.

  3. Damn, they are like cockroaches.Bloody everywhere
    and these a*holes need to be stomped into the ground.Sems like the uk needs another civil unrest like a few hundred years back to clean her out of unwanted parasites.
    Do they know that some people are working on the qu'ran and proveing it was not wrtten when they thought it was..??? And more than unlikely was even written by mohammed. Mush is also made up..Some holy book they got, seems a fair amount of B.S.
    Have put in link incase you haven't read it yet...

  4. How these people put themselves up as fodder for right wing idiots like the Welsh Defence League.....Idiocy v idiocy


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