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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Death Threats made against EDL Members

This is Bristol reports that Avon and Somerset Police have issued two EDL members with Osman warnings ahead of the group’s protest in Bristol this Saturday. Such warnings are issued when intelligence is received relating to credible death threats, but the police do not have sufficient evidence to arrest the suspect(s). The names of the two individuals who have been threatened have not been revealed. However, it is probable that one of them is Mickey Bayliss who had a concrete slab thrown through the windscreen of his car recently whilst out campaigning. News of these threats follows the recent arrest of the Dewsbury bomb plotters who had allegedly been planning to attack the EDL’s last demo in Dewsbury on Saturday 30 June. The arrest raises the question as to whether this will increase turnout at the EDL’s 14 July demo, or whether it will deter people from coming out.

Speaking in Brussels on 9 July, Tommy Robinson/Stephen Lennon made it clear that he thought that the discovery of the Dewsbury bomb plot represented a turning point in the country. Although relieved that the plotters had not succeeded in unleashing carnage on the day in question, he voice his opinion that were such an attack to be made upon the EDL, its impact upon national sentiment in England would be very much akin to that experienced by Irish republicans following Bloody Sunday: “I believe England would rise up” he stated. His speech was delivered as part of the Brussels Process sponsored by the International Civil Liberties Alliance at the EU Parliament which has been extensively covered at the Gates of Vienna blog. Comment on the conference will be forthcoming her tomorrow. 



  1. Its not surprising these potential assassins came from Birmingham. The Birmingham police and newspaper editors have protected extremism and Black gun-toting gang members. If they keep Muslim training camps quiet they are responsible for allowing this to develop.

    The constant appeasement of Muslims encourages them to do what they like. Birmingham police and Broad Street Marshalls allow Muslim taxi drivers to park in bus lanes, block double-yellow lines, make three-point turns and U turns in the middle of busy and over the central reservations on Broad Street with impunity. Members of the public constantly complain but the police ignore law abiding citizens and cover-up for Muslim law breakers.
    They do not just keep small things like that from the public: they suppress serious activities like the news of terrorist training camps near Birmingham. The editors of the Birmingham's three local papers also kept it from the public.
    I'm not surprised the three were from Birmingham where the editiors of the local newspapers and the police have covered up Muslim exctremisdts training facilities.
    In Birmingham and London trainees learnt hand-to-hand combat and survival skills. For further training they were sent for military training in Yemen and Afghanistan. After the London bombings, The Times reported that “a dozen members” of British Muslim group Al-Muhajiroun “have taken part in suicide bombings or have become close to Al-Qaeda and its support network.”
    In January 2007 the group's leader Omar Bakri revealed that Islamist extremists were infiltrating the police and other public sector organisations. The Daily Mail exposed eight members of al-Qaeda in the police.
    RAF Nimrod planes have picked-up Birmingham accents in Afghanistan and Taliban fighters. One Taliban fighter had an Aston Villa tattoo. (1) There is no excuse for the political, academic and media elites allowing a race war to develop in Britain.
    As far back as 4 May 2003, The Sunday Telegraph’s Alasdair Palmer wrote: “Britain has become the headquarters of choice for extremist Islamic preachers, who now have a network of organisations dedicated to sowing pure hatred: hatred of the West, of democracy, and of the values of tolerance and freedom — the very values that give them the freedom to operate here: ‘Your task against the infidel,’ says one video, ‘is to kill their children, take their women, destroy their homes.’”

  2. What is behind the security services allowing Muslim extremists to weapon train and develop networks here? Here is a clue: former Italian President Francesco Cossiga admitted in the Italian paper Corriere della Sera in 2008, that in the 1970s, the Italian government allowed Arab terrorist groups freedom of movement in the country in exchange for immunity from attacks.
    The government of Prime Minister Aldo Moro reached a “secret non-belligerence pact between the Italian state and Palestinian resistance organisations, including terrorist groups. Moro designed the terms of the agreement with Arab terrorists, Cossiga said. “The terms of the agreement were that the Palestinian organisations could even maintain armed bases of operation in the country, and they had freedom of entry and exit without being subject to normal police controls, because they were ‘handled’ by the secret services.”

    The security services have operated a similar deal in Britain. On 22 August 1998, the newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat quoted Omar Bakri: “I work here in accordance with the covenant of peace which I made with the British government when I got Asylum.”
    This covenant allowed Muslim extremists to plan attacks abroad and develop terror networks here. In 1999 it was reported that each year approximately 2,000 Muslims were trained about Holy War at camps in Britain run by Al-Muhajiroun. The police, security services and the Home Secretary Theresa May are still operating this Covenant with Muslim extremists and potential terrorists as we will see towards the end of this essay when we look at the recent ceremony for the victims of 9/11 outside the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square.



    1. We live in odd times, for who would have thought 30 or 40 years ago that we would have "terrorist training camps near Birmingham"? It is a sad reflection not only of the massive demographic changes that have taken place during this period, but also of the lack of political will to represent, or indeed even to acknowledge, the interests of the British people.

      As for the "covenant" mentioned by Omar Bakri, do you not think that he was using this word in the loose sense of refraining from aggression against our country owing to the fact that he had been granted "asylum" here, rather than in the sense of having done any kind of formal "deal" with the government?

  3. Going back to the Dewsbury plot, I don't think they would have been successful with a bomb plot, especially an IED. You need a sophisticated timer bomb to be laid well in advance, possibly days.

    However, the machete worried me. Someone on another forum contacted me, as they were going and it was their first demo. I gave them several bits of advice, but one very important part was: Go straight home after the demo if you are not with a large group and if you are, make sure you do not get separated from them.

    Because later on, once people have dispersed and the police go, that's when the pack rats come out in numbers, looking for lone stragglers, who perhaps are a little worse for wear and may have taken a wrong turning. They could be bundled into a car or attacked there and then.

    1. always on the mark, hog man.
      miss reading you & all
      the others on the blog.

      b e

    2. That's true RH. If it was the Dewsbury demo that was to be the target, the plot seems to have been poorly thought through.

      Your advice regarding heading home after a demo is sound, particularly considering what happened in Bristol yesterday with the anarchist wing of 'antifa' seemingly going berserk.

  4. Whats up with, Tommy. Don't he know how the mic works? The mans become a joke, time for him to stand down and let Tony Curtis take over before he (Tommy)destroys the EDL.

  5. Anonymous ’The mans become a joke, time for him to stand down….’

    A harsh criticism that appears motivated by some hidden agenda. Despite his occasional unease and unpolished style, the sincerity and force of his argument are compelling, and the more often he makes such speeches, the more practiced he will become and I prefer someone who speaks with insight and sincerity rather than an insincere glib politician.

    I also prefer listening to a heartfelt speech from him, than listen to a critic with an axe to grind. He delivered a more honest and effective speech then most politicians would be capable of giving and though he may not be perfect, he is at least prepared to speak out against Islamic expansionism and extremism, which is more than most politicians have had the courage or honesty to do.

    1. I agree Dinan. Nobody is perfect, but he does strike me as sincere, and he has risked a huge amount by taking on the role that he has. He is a far more effective speaker than many politicians, precisely because what he says is both heartfelt and dangerous to say.


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