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Thursday, 5 July 2012

M6 Terror Scare closes motorway

This morning The Daily Telegraph reported that a terror alert had resulted in the closure of part of the M6 Toll Toad following an alarmed call from a passenger on the Megabus service from Preston to London. It was claimed that another passenger was seen with a smoking liquid (it is safe to assume that this was not Heston Blumenthal with a canister of liquid nitrogen). The M6 Toll was therefore closed between junctions T3 and T4 in both directions at 08.20 this morning, whilst, reports Sky News, armed police arrived at the scene. Despite the massive disruption and considerable resources involved, it proved to be a false alarm with the cause being a passenger smoking an electronic cigarette!

Six arrested in London
This came on the same day that five men and a woman were arrested in a dawn terror swoop on a number of locations across London. Some of these were UK nationals. The London Islamist plotters are believed to have been preparing explosives for use in bomb-making, but it is not thought that their plans were connected to the forthcoming Olympics. Their alleged target(s) have not been disclosed.

Shamefully, one of the men arrested - Salahuddin al Britani - whose real name is Richard Dart, is an indigenous convert. As you can see from the video below, he speaks with the affected faux sub-Pakistani accent adopted by many converts, which lends his speech an unintentionally comical turn, perhaps appropriate for a man who was arrested in the part of London renowned for the golden age of British cinematic comedy - Ealing. Dart, originally from Dorset, featured in a documentary made by his brother Rob Leech entitled My Brother the Islamist which was shown last year, which also featured the touching concern of a Dorset mother for her son Ben who had converted to Islam having grown tired of heavy metal. For Maggie's sake, for she struck me as a worried and caring mother, I hope that Ben has given up on his Islamist idiocy, but unfortunately, I suspect that he has not grown out of it and remains trapped within Anjem Choudary's band of cultish followers, whatever name they may at present be bearing.

Today's arrests underscore that the threat from Islamist terrorism in this country is real and is not going away. Those who are protesting against the temporary installation of anti-aircraft missile batteries in East London are foolish indeed. The again, perhaps the latter can be excused for having overexposed themselves to the content of The Guardian and BBC broadcasts of all sorts, and thus ended up with heads full of irrationally naive twaddle.

Richard Dart's absurd video complete with comedy accent

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