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Tuesday 10 July 2012

The Three Disgraces: Shoot, Bomb and Hack

There is something deeply perplexing about the mentality of a certain type of Muslim; the literalist, doctrinaire, thin-skinned hair-trigger sensibility type. The type that will repeatedly insist that Islam is 'the religion of peace' and emphasise the 'compassion' of their prophet Mohammed, whilst sending themselves into paroxyms of rage whenever their beliefs or prophet are challenged or criticised, threatening to unleash violence against any insolent naysayer who should dare to slight their eggshell sense of ego in this way. Three of this type would seem to have appeared in court today: Birmingham residents Jewel Uddin, Omar Mohammed Khan and Mohammed Hasseen.

How odd it is that these three men seemingly thought that they would demonstrate how misuided the EDL is about the 'peaceful' nature of their religion through planning to unleash carnage. In what way did they think that exploding a pipebomb packed with ball bearings and nails, using sawn off shotguns, swords, machetes and knives, would win the hearts and minds of those whom they claim misrepresent them and their religion as violent? Although it comes as a relief that these apparently rabidly anti-English criminals were unable to enact their bloody plan, it was sadly predictable that the BBC chose to append the stigmatising term 'far-right' to the EDL in its radio reporting of the case. Why? Is it not time that the BBC issued some kind of apology to the public for its deliberate masking of the threat from doctrinaire Muslim fanatics in this country, and for its simultaneous and systematic demonisation of all - such as the EDL - who draw attention to this ugly reality? If the EDL ever required a concrete demonstration of the need for their movement to exist, then these three men have provided it. What impact might this alleged plot have upon turnout at the Bristol EDL demonstration on Saturday 14 July? Will it encourage more people to come onto the streets in support of the EDL, or will it deter them?

For more on the Dewsbury Bomb Plot, see here.


  1. The Beeb love to attack a slow-moving, high-profile target like the EDL. Whilst downplaying the indigenous Muslim threat meanwhile the Police tread far too carefully in areas like Alum Rock for fear of the ever-present 'racist' card being played. I half-wish that this bunch of misguided tw@ts had got to carrying out their 'mission' - i like to think they would have only blown themselves up. To think that they were'nt picked up on any sort of intelligence-gathering excercise but on a camera system designed to make money.........

    Laurie -

    1. There is certainly a domestic threat from Islamists, as well as from some indigenous converts. At a guess, we'll be seeing more such arrests as we approach the Olympics, but quite how many Islamist plotters will be picked up by chance like this bunch, who knows?

    2. It did cross my mind, in an over the top kind of way, that maybe this incident is viewed by the police and others as a convenient warning to anyone out there who was thinking of supporting the EDL - 'they are now being attacked with bombs so you had better stay away...' Your last sentence regarding how they were picked up does give cause for thought.

      Re the main article I do not think the perpetrators are in the least bit interested in 'winning hearts and minds'.

    3. It could well be put to the use that you suggest Pat. As for the three men named in the article, you are right in noting that they personally evidently possess no interest in winning hearts and minds, other than those of fellow Muslims of a similar inclination. However, some of their co-religionists of a less violent bent may find their tactics disagreeable and counterproductive for their cause.

  2. This is a message for 'Anonymous' who posted a comment at 12:21 today. Much of what you said was interesting, but I was unable to post it owing to the last two sentences. If you would like to rephrase the last part, keeping within the guidelines on comments here, I would of course be happy to publish.


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