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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Now Muslims call for KFC Boycott!

In a surprising twist KFC’s attempt to lure Muslim customers into its outlets has backfired, as many Muslims are claiming that KFC’s halal menu is not really halal. Why not? Well, according to a News of the World report, approximately one third of chickens which are pre-stunned during the mechanised slaughter process are dead by the time that they have their throats slit in accordance with Islamic religious stipulations. For orthodox Muslims, this therefore means that the flesh of such birds is unclean and thus haram (forbidden).

A Lancashire-based Imam named Yusuf Shabbir speaking on behalf of the Lancashire Council of Mosques stated: “If KFC confirms to us that it has no intention of changing the mechanical method of slaughter we will advise members of the Muslim community [of] this.” So, here we have an effective call for a Muslim boycott of KFC to join the existing non-Muslim anti-halal boycott. How will KFC respond? I suspect that it will probably do all that it can to appease its Muslim customers by ensuring that all of its slaughtered poultry experience the full unnecessary suffering that observant Muslims require.

To all who oppose Islamisation: keep up the boycott of KFC! If it wants to limit itself to catering to the 2.4 million+ Muslims resident in the UK and to lose the custom of everyone else, let it go ahead. For me, this is a straightforward animal welfare issue, so ultimately we need to ban halal slaughter in the UK and ban the import of all halal food products.


  1. I love pointing out to people the difference between halal and Kosher.

    it's all about the nerves being cut that makes it Kosher.. instant death, no suffering..

    halal requires suffering.. being alive while the blood drains.. truly vampiric..

    1. actually FYI halal meat is where each meat is cut on a prayer seperatly (so the other animals arent scared) and then killed with respect and dignity for the animal. yes the blood is drained out but the animal is cut to certain bit where it is dead and then blood is drained out so i would very much appreciate it if u did not call it vamire but to get your facts straight first

  2. LMAO not halal enough.

    Fuck KFC anyway. Traitors.

  3. And @ you, anonymous - shut the hell up - we don't want your lies. "get yer facts straight' that's what you always say. I've seen pictures of halal slaughters, i see the screaming animals and the people having to hold them down, etc. Be QUIET.

  4. The bastards drain the blood by drinking it.Social vampires.


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