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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!

If you're a 'devout' Muslim read no further and don't look at the images below lest you lapse into a homicidal tantrum. Irritated by Revolution Muslim's recent veiled death threats against South Park supremos Trey Parker and Matt Stone for including a 'depiction' of the World's 'favourite' bearded paedophile, the Prophet Mohammed (damnation be upon him) in a bear costume, Dan Savage thought it was time to teach these barbarians a lesson. His solution to this latest outburst of Mohammedan rage: 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!' 

Given that even featuring a fictionalised version of the bearded mass-murdering paedo in a bear costume was perceived to be in some way a representation of the holy humourless one, Dan has already tried his hand at some possible portraits of the Prophet (damnation be upon him) as seen below:

Inspired? Why not have a crack at it yourself on 20 May. Personally, I think that Mo would really appreciate being drawn as a doggie handbag. What do you reckon? If that doesn't prove sufficient to upset the holy paedo worshippers, this wonderful new Lego kit from every devout Muslim's favourite country - Denmark - should make the ideal Eid gift for enrichers in your local neighbourhood.  

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