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Tuesday 6 April 2010

Gordon Brown's Empty Battle Cry

What do you think of Gordon Brown’s electoral battle cry?

'We will fight for fairness at all times. We will say to the British people, our cause is your cause. The future is within our grasp, it is a future fair for all. Now, all of us, let's go to it.'
A superficial reading of these words doesn’t reveal much. A deep reading of them reveals even less. They mean nothing. Nothing at all, other than “re-elect me and I’ll carry on just as I please, just as I have done since I became Prime Minister.” Gordon Brown’s notion of ‘fairness’ is one that is selective, and is fairer to some than it is to others i.e. to ethnic minority and aggressive faith (i.e. Islamic) groups to the detriment of the English in particular.

His notion of “the British people” means nothing more than the collective of whoever happens to be accidentally resident or applying for residence in the United Kingdom at a particular given time. It is a contentless conception that neither implies common descent, common values, common history, common aims nor even a common language. All that we share is the necessity of paying an increasing proportion of our incomes in taxes to Gordon. For him, this is the definining essence of “the British people”: we are all taxpayers, little better (possibly worse) than serfs.

With Gordon you get plenty of taxation with next to no representation. As he is so intent upon ruling a third-world country, I would like to suggest to him that he and his party decamp en masse to somewhere such as Pakistan as they obviously find it so much more agreeable than our hideously white olde England. There he’ll be able to use his moral compass to guide him through the desert to the Taliban, where he can engage with all of those lovely moderate people who share his puritanical distaste for anything pleasurable. After all, surely being such a champion of ‘fairness’ he would like to see a greater proportion of the Pakistani or Afghan governments comprised of white Europeans, as for some reason they don’t seem to contain any at the moment. Must be the result of discrimination I guess. I’d love to see him ‘enrich’ their social and political fabric. Go for it Gordon! We’re right behind you in your bid to join the Pakistani administration! After all, your party has repeatedly demonstrated its immense popularity with Pakistani voters.

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