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Thursday 29 April 2010

Nick Clegg's Call to Prayer

Not only does Nick Clegg want the whole of the UK to be deluged by immigrants, but he is also vigorously courting the vote of the denizens of their most hostile and entrenched bridgeheads: the Muslim colonies that have sprung up like poisonous fungi in so many of our cities and towns. According to the Sunday Express, he thinks that the Muslim call to prayer (muezzin) is "a joyful thing" that should be broadcast over loudspeakers wherever those not-so-magnificent 'badges of our subjection' - mosques - happen to be.

Clegg, despite his professed atheism, thus demonstrates his alpha dhimmi status with this craven piece of politicking. An atheist actively promoting Islamisation? He's really not very bright, is he? Are you readying yourself for the scimitar's edge Nick?

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