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Thursday 1 April 2010

EDL Dudley Demo

On Saturday 3 April the EDL take to the streets of Dudley to protest against Islamisation, specifically in this case, the construction of a “super mosque” that local people have been campaigning against. Following the success of the recent Bolton demo which saw 2,000 EDL supporters take to the streets, I wish them luck this weekend and hope that this demo proves to be even larger. After the disgusting behaviour of the communist-led UAF in Bolton where they attacked the police and attempted to goad EDL supporters into a confrontation, be on your guard to expect more of the same.

The UAF leadership is comprised of Socialist Workers’ Party members who are in league with the Islamists; they share the aim of provoking violent confrontation and civil war. Be calm, and co-operate with the police. Expose these communist thugs for what they are. Stand together, be of stout heart and you shall win! Islamism shall be driven from these shores!

Below is a picture of Islamo-Marxist supporters in Bolton taken from the SWP website (not a pretty sight!) followed by an EDL promo video for Saturday:


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  2. Do I detect the misogynistic voice of one of the followers of the "religion of peace" in the preceding comment? One of those whom we are constantly being told "enrich" our society? Oh, the delicious irony: "feable minded englishman." Your intellect, you barbarian, is displayed in its thuggish rudimentary undeveloped and inarticulate state both in the sentiments of your writing, and in its execution. For a start, the correct spelling of "feable" (sic) is "feeble"; secondly, "feeble minded" is a compound adjective and thus must be hyphenated - "feeble-minded"; and thirdly and finally, "englishman" should be capitalised to read "Englishman".

    Now, you bothersome illiterate paedophile-worshipping coloniser, kindly leave my country whilst you are still free to choose to do so.

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  4. From DP111
    Durotrigan and others

    Do not be offended by the vile comment left behind the Muslim contributor on your blog.

    In a way I understand the frustrations that Muslims feel. Let me just outline them

    1. They are here in the West, feeding off us, like mendicants. They, their women and children are dependent on our goodwill.

    2. At the same time, our armed forces are in their countries, and there is nothing they can do about it except to plant a few improvised IEDs.

    3. We can change their leaders, or change their system of government, and they have to accept. We can ban sharia or impose it, call an election or get rid of their rulers, and what can they do but to accept.

    3. Even their leaders recognise that we can do anything anytime in their countries, and thus try and pretend that it being done by their agreement.

    If this was being done to us, we too would be filled with rage and despair at the humiliation of it all, and lash out in obscenity. So let us be understanding.


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