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Monday 12 April 2010

Labour Manifesto Pledge: Civil War for Your Children

Today, the Labour Party launched its latest manifesto, and judging this 'book' by its cover you could be forgiven for thinking that it was touting for the blue-, red- and mauve-skinned vote looking at the stylised  family staring into the bright light of Labour's tomorrow. Presumably, this group of alien beings felt at home in their psychedelic-tinged landscape of symbolic fields illumined by a Sun that bears an uncanny resemblance to a detonating hydrogen bomb. If you think that the cover looks bad, delve into the contents and amidst the sloganeering sludge you will be able to divine that their intent is to completely snuff out the last vestiges of our national statehood, social cohesion and identity.

In the section entitled Meeting the challenges of the new global age the Labour Party demonstrates once again that it is intent on nurturing the preconditions for civil war in the UK by importing millions of hostile aliens. As I have written before, these will not be our culturally close cousins from Eastern Europe who generally speaking came with only positive intent, but the Muslim hordes from Turkey and the wider Middle East. Take a look at the following excerpt, and open your eyes:
"We support the enlargement of EU membership to include Croatia, and believe that all Western Balkan states should open negotiations on EU accession by 2014 – one hundred years after the start of the First World War. Turkey’s future membership is a key test of Europe’s potential to become a bridge between religions and regions; there must be continued progress on its application to join the EU. In its foreign policy, Europe should play a key role in conflict resolution and the promotion of security, and work bilaterally to achieve its goals with the leading global powers in each region of the world."
You have been warned: the Labour Party is intent upon implementing policies which unchecked will bring war to its own people. If its plans eventually come to pass, we will be forced into a situation where we either submit to a new Islamic political elite and live a squalid unequal life of persecution, or we take up arms and take our country back. This, I hope, will be a choice with which we are never confronted, for such an eventuality is neither desirable nor inevitable. We can choose to follow the policies necessary to restore social cohesion now (i.e. withdraw from the EU, ban Muslim immigration and encourage resident Muslims to leave), or we can watch our world fall apart and our children and grandchildren be reduced to a state of dhimmitude. If war were to come, the bloodshed would dwarf that which was witnessed in the former Yugoslavia. I am a peaceful individual who abhors war and conflict. I never want to see this happen, but if a Muslim elite were to take control, we would have little option but to fight or be murdered in the manner that millions of Jews and Poles were murdered by the Nazis.

Vote for peace and for hope on 6 May: vote BNP.

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