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Monday, 5 April 2010

Speeches from EDL Dudley Demo

Contrary to what Clare Short, Weyman Bennett and other idiots tell you, the EDL are not Nazis. Clare's deranged speech to the UAF anti-free speech brigade in Dudley last Saturday confirmed that this is her position on the EDL, so how then Clare can you explain away the following two videos? In the first, do we not see an articulate young Asian woman who states that she is disabled addressing the EDL crowd accompanied on the platform by a rasta? Do we not see in the second video a young Russian girl a mere 10 years of age address the crowd following the awful bombings in Moscow and Dagestan last week? According to your line of argument Clare, you say that the EDL would be putting these folks onto cattle trucks and sending them to gas chambers. You're an idiot Ms Short. A malicious, ignorant idiot.

What do these speeches say? Do they attack people on the basis of race? No. Do they promote hate? No. Then what are they promoting? An end to Islamisation of course. The EDL want an end to the hatred, violence and enmity promoted by Islamists, and they want our politicians to recognise the fact that we do face a real threat in our country from Islamist ideology and the followers of that ideology. The EDL wants our politicians to act against Islamisation, not placate and promote it as they do today (witness Shahid Malik's bragging about circa £1 billion in public funds being diverted to Islamic states such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Yemen as well as his calling for an ever-increasing numbers of Muslim MPs and an eventual Muslim PM). The Government has not acted to defend the interests of its own people, so the people are organising themselves as a consequence. The Westminster parties are full of hubris, and as a consequence have ignored our concerns and neglected their duty. They will not be able to do so for much longer.

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