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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Australian Defence League Protest – Melbourne 9 April

It would seem that concerned Australians have followed the example of the EDL, WDL and SDL in forming their own organisation (unsurprisingly named the Australian Defence League - ADL) to protest against Islamisation in Australia. Just as here in the UK the EDL has had to suffer from the constant harassment of leftists in the form of UAF and the SWP, their Australian equivalents are organising a counter-demonstration in Melbourne on Friday 9 April at the same time as the ADL. How, I wonder, will the Australian press report this event? Will it deploy the same kind of hostility as has been evident in reports about the EDL here in the UK?

Typically, the leftist opponents of the ADL are branding the latter “racists” and thus the Australia Asia Worker Links Organisation is calling its counter-demonstration a “Rally Against Racism”. Just how stupid are these people? Islam is not a race, it is an ideology.

The ADL is co-ordinating its actions via Facebook, so it’ll be interesting to see how this first attempt at a demonstration goes. Quite what level of support it will attract, I do not profess to know. Good luck mates!

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