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Friday 30 April 2010

Sweaty Balls contests Morley and Outwood

It’s interesting to see that Ed Balls is getting a little sweaty about his prospects of taking the constituency of Morley and Outwood. Apparently, owing to boundary changes, this encompasses only one quarter of his previous parliamentary seat. It seems that the seat is now up for grabs by the Tories.

Newsnight’s roving reporter visited Morley today to canvass voters, and the responses broadcast were most interesting. What he found was that Labour’s traditional supporters had largely deserted the party and were upfront about the fact that one of the main reasons was Labour’s policy on immigration. Two of those interviewed indicated that they would be voting for “one of the smaller parties” rather than any of the big three. Given the coyness about naming the new party of choice, I strongly suspect that it will be the British National Party. So, when the result comes in late next week, I shall be watching with interest to see how many votes Chris Beverley of the BNP manages to harvest. I don’t think that he’ll take the seat, but be prepared for a positive surprise for the BNP.


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