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Thursday 1 April 2010

Hate Speech in the Qur'an

Hat tip to Aeneas of the International Civil Liberties Alliance for posting this video on their site. So accustomed are we to hearing that we must not offend Muslims for criticising their religion and their Prophet, it is instructive to look at verses from the Qur'an itself, and substitute the term "Muslims" for "unbelievers" in a number of unambiguously hate-filled qur'anic quotes. The effect is quite striking. Watch for yourself and ask the question: if we were to defend a book saying such things about Muslims, might we not be sitting behind bars?

is koran hate speech? from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.


  1. hahahaha this is hilarious, im a muslim and im not going to even TRY and justify it. All im going to say is that you should read the quran to find out more, see what is says about jesus, and moses, and the anti-christ, and about the return of jesus, etc etc.

    Ask any muslim for the quran, im sure they will be happy to lend it to you.

  2. I'm an atheist thanks, and I've read enough to know that all religion is fiction. As with all books though, some are better than others, and the Qur'an comes some way behind the New Testament, the Bhagavad Gita or the body of Greek and Roman myth. The Qur'an is not a good read in any sense of the word. Personally, my outlook feels more affinity with that of Epicurus and Marcus Aurelius than with any body of religious text.

    Upon the explicit command of your 'holy' book, I know that it calls for my murder and the murder of all such as me for our lack of belief in a god and our unwillingness to submit to Islam. Your book is therefore a text of eternal enmity and hatred, something which distinguishes it from those of other faiths. Even if there were no other reason for disliking Islam as a body of doctrine and practice, I would thus oppose its every attempt to present itself as reasonable and acceptable, and to deceive others as to its innately evil nature. Not being a Christian, I don't believe in such a thing as Antichrist, but if I were, I would identify Mohammed as that creature.

  3. Your a fool Durotrigan, the Quran is the ONLY holy book to talk of Jesus, and Jesus said himself that he the spirit of truth will come after me, he will speak of me, and tell you things to come, he will comfirm what i taught you and he will speak not from his own authority, but what he hears (from Gabriel).

    Secondly, you talk about how muslims must kill every non-believer, this is REDICULOUS, tell me which army went to Indonesia to spread islam, which army went to the east of africa, which army went to india??? How many non-muslims were killed went the muslims ruled spain?? NONE.

    Thirdly, for your own guidance Durotrigan.. Instead of believing that all religion is false, try matching the dots and see the similarities, that God sent all religions in their due course, and all explain the same thing, one god, no partners, the only difference is that different Humans were used to convey the message.

    And Finally, just to teach you something that you may not have known.. i will talk to you about the miracles of the quran. God promised the final revelation (quran) never will be changed, and 1400+ years on.. it is EXACTLY the same. God gave mankind the test, produce a surah (verse) like it, the shortest one is just three lines long, and never has anyone come close to matching it. The poetry and power in the literature is better than ALL arab literature of the present and at the time of Muhammad.

    Going on to scientific miracles.. the quran spoke about the big bang, which was only discovered in the last 50 years, spoke about child development in the womb in so much detail, without the use of microscopes, ultrasound etc that dozens of world reknowned embryologists accepted islam after realising this. It talks of the sky being a protective shield (UV rays, meteors etc) at a time when nobody could have known. The mountains as pegs..holding the earth stable, and we know now that mountains are like icebergs, we can just see the very tip of them. It talks about the moon having reflected light when people thought it has its own light. Expanding universe, earth being the shape of an ostriche egg when people thought it was flat, water cycle, every living thing made from water, the earth moon and suns orbits, life on other planets, sub atomic particles, formation of rain etc etc i could go on but i think you get what i am trying to say. For me.. there is more proof for God, than proof of not being a God.

  4. 'Hilarious' you are quite clearly deranged. Only a madman would write "the Quran is the ONLY holy book to talk of Jesus". Have you never heard of the Bible? I think you'll find that is where he makes his first appearance, and strangely enough I think you'll find that this is what all Christians believe without exception. You believe that no non-Muslims were killed in Islamic Spain?! Are you on LSD or something stronger?

    As you are clearly insane, I'll not waste my time responding further to any of your spittle-flecked Islamic supremacist rantings. Now, as I previously said to one of your co-religionists: kindly leave my country whilst you are still free to choose to do so.

  5. Its funny how you choose to focus on the tiny mistakes that i made. What i meant to say was that the Quran is the ONLY holy book other than the Bible to talk of Jesus.

    I would like to hear your views on the proofs of God that i provided above, because i don't know how anybody can not believe in God after realising the divine wisdom and knowledge presented over 1400 yrs ago.

    Regarding your comment where you said, "leave my country whilst you are still free to choose to do so". i would like to suggest that you start accepting God whist you are still "free to choose to do so".

    And how can you say, "leave my country " when i was born HERE and lived HERE all my life, this country is just as much mine as it is yours. No person has the right to claim ownership of a land, and as an atheist you should know so better than many, as your fundamental belief is in the theory of evolution, where we aparently evolved from APES and originated from AFRICA. So your ancestors must have been immigrants at some point. How do you know that your not a decendant of the Romans, Vikings, Celts, Ango-Saxons or the Normans? Or doesn't your memory expand that far?


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