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Wednesday 31 March 2010

Ban the Burka! Belgium leads the Way

Following on from the Swiss decision to prohibit the construction of minarets, a Belgian parliamentary committee has decided to ban garments that cover the face and make identification impossible. This will therefore include both the burka and the niqab, behind which ‘devout’ Muslims like to hide their womenfolk. The Belgian parliament will have to vote on this proposal in April before it passes into law, but there are concerns that the country could be challenged through opponents taking their case to the European Court of Human Rights.

With some 650,000 Muslims in the country, the Belgians can expect to encounter some sour grapes from those of them who are intent upon imposing their alien standards in the heart of Europe. The Telegraph quotes Denis Ducarme, a Belgian MP whose party – the liberal Reformist Movement – drafted the ban, as saying that:

"This is a very strong signal being sent to Islamists . . . I am proud that Belgium would be the first country in Europe which dares to legislate on this sensitive matter."
If this makes so-called ‘devout’ Muslims reconsider whether they should be residing in Belgium, then this will be an additional benefit of the legislation. Such people who are unhappy living in accordance with non-Muslim norms in non-Muslim countries should be encouraged to leave. There are plenty of places around the world where they can shroud themselves in cloth and live lives of Islamic misery. On that note, cheer yourself up with a satirical take on the absurdity of the burka by watching and listening to Burka Blue by the Burka Band, the bravest and hottest female act in Afghanistan.


  1. It isn't the burka that is the problem, it is those who enforce it.

    Ban the Mad Mullahs and also their followers. Let the decent 'moderate' ones stay. If there is any.

  2. You're right: the burka is only a symptom. Still, the more of these symptoms that we outlaw, the less likely the carriers of the Islamic bacillus are to remain.

  3. When you go for a swim in your local pool, or to to the beach on holiday, you will find that some women prefer to wear the bikini, and the ones with a little more modesty and self respect, will wear the swimming constume.
    When you watch swimming tournaments on TV, the athletes wear trunks or a constume, wouldn't it be easier for them to swim naked??
    The reason they wear SOME clothing is for modesty, and for the innocent children watching. If a muslim women wants to dress like virgin mary, how can anyone stop them?

    As for the comment by Durotrigan 'This will therefore include both the burka and the niqab, behind which ‘devout’ Muslims like to hide their womenfolk', could you explain to me then... why is it than 2/3 of the converts to islam ARE WOMEN, yes.. ARE WOMEN, are they voluntarily throwing themselves into subjugation and oppression, or have they seen something that they have never experienced before, self respect, guys calling them sisters instead of mere sex objects, and freeing themselves of exploitation which we find on billboards and posters everyday.

    Islam is the fastest growing religion in the western world, and is not because of forced conversion, or through bloodshed, it is because the europeans and americans are the most educated people on the planet, and they have realised the divine wisdom behind EVERY islamic teaching. YOUTUBE and research islam.

    And i welcome you all to islam, brothers and sisters. Peace be upon all of you.

  4. Hi 'Peace'. Thanks for your comment. Will you now kindly 'peace' off out of my country and my continent.


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