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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Bolton: UAF attack Police and English Defence League

First they came for the BNP, then they came for the EDL. The Trotskyist-led UAF has again attempted to foment violence upon our streets in Bolton today, and yet our mainstream media continue to purposefully misrepresent the EDL (as they always have the BNP) as “racists”, “fascists”, “thugs” and the instigators of violence. UAF is invariably provided with the opportunity to put its side of the story to the media, who lap it up and regurgitate it in an uncritical fashion whilst demonising not only EDL demonstrators and supporters, but also anyone in this country who holds a contrary view to the sham orthodoxy that “Islam is a religion of peace”.

Are our media pundits truly so politically illiterate that they do not understand that despite the end of Communism in the former Soviet bloc, the Trots have dropped neither the core principles of their ideology, nor their devotion to violence? The fact that they have decided to ally themselves with followers of a seventh-century dark age irrationalist ideology worries them not, for they see Muslims as being able shock troops in their myopic utopian bid for power. If Trots cannot seize power (which they cannot) they will content themselves with violence, and to this end, they are causing no end of mischief through manipulating naïve members of the trade union movement to do their bidding. Trots view millennial violence as being a positive end-in-itself, so why does the media accord them such respect?

Religious leaders of all hues used the occasion of the demonstration to seek to shut down the freedom to express dissident opinions on our streets and in our daily lives through penning a joint letter to Alan Johnson asking him to ban the march. Thankfully, Johnson was unable to find a legal pretext to do so, but how much longer do we have before the Labour Party or the other mainstream Westminster parties finally snuff out our right to criticise any negative aspect of the multiculturalist dystopian project to which they all actively subscribe?

To criticise Islam is not racist. Neither does criticising the many negative facets of this ugly violent religion make the critic a “fascist” or a “Nazi”. An 89-year old WWII veteran (Bertie Lois) who joined the UAF counter-protest was quoted by the Telegraph as saying
"I fought the Second World War against these Nazis. What did I fight for if we let them? The EDL are the enemy. I would say to them 'you are the guys we fought for, what are you doing?'”
The question that the media should be asking is: why is this old man involved with a group of hardline Trotskyists who are attempting to destroy the political liberties that he ostensibly fought for in the struggle against Nazi tyranny? Might he himself not be a Communist? If not, he is greatly misinformed if he thinks that the EDL is comprised of neo-Nazis. I shall be charitable however, for the manner in which the EDL's position is distorted by the mainstream media would be enough to mislead any naif to fall for this revolting piece of black propaganda. This man is just misinformed. If he truly wanted to join the struggle against the closest contemporary political phenomenon to Nazism, he would be marching alongside the EDL.

As in previous marches, the BBC and the Times (owing to the influence of Arab oil money?) have been particularly misleading in their reporting, imputing the violence to the EDL, despite the fact that it was UAF directed and that the majority of arrests were of UAF members who had attacked the police. A similar thing happened last year at a UAF counter-protest at a Harrow mosque, where the fact of there being next-to-no demonstrators did not hinder them from attacking the police and staging a mini-riot. If there is any threat to public order and safety on our streets today emanating from an organised political campaign, it is from UAF members and supporters, not from the EDL.

It will be likely that we will not know the full tally of arrests until tomorrow, but early indications from the Telegraph are that circa 55 people have been taken into custody, and that all but a handful of these people were from the UAF group. The UAF, comprised as it is of hardcore Trotskyists, Islamists and misguided trade union members who have been dripfed non-stop lies for years, represents a genuine threat to our political liberties and right to peaceful assembly. We can but hope that the public in the UK wakes up to the reality of what this organisation is, and do not fall for calls to further erode our cherished right to free expression, which has already been severely curtailed by the Labour government and the unelected and unaccountable Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). I fear that our drift into a police state is accelerating. Still, at least we can take heart that an estimated 2,000 protestors turned out on behalf of the EDL today, as opposed to the 1,500-strong UAF mob, as well as the fact that Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of the UAF has been “arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit violent disorder.” I hope that Bennett is charged and receives an appropriate custodial sentence for his repeated attempts to unleash rivers of blood upon our streets.

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