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Friday, 11 September 2009

Harrow Mosque: Violent Muslim Mob Whipped into Frenzy of Hate by UAF Thugs

According to media reports, more than 1,000 hyped-up Muslims and soi-disant anti-fascist protestors descended upon Harrow Central Mosque today to attack a Stop the Islamisation of Europe protest. The SIOE protest was being held to object to the Mosque’s planned extension and construction of 40-metre high minarets. Other groups such as the English Defence League planned to gather outside the Mosque at 5pm today, and had notified the police of their intentions in advance. However, at 6.33pm, the following three paragraphs were posted on the SIOE homepage (spelling mistakes and grammatical errors preserved from the original):

In this moment Stephen Gash is being told by a senior sergent of the police to call off the demonstration in Harrow. He has been arrested to prevent a breach of the peace…

More than 1000 mainly muslims are gathered infront of the SIOE demonstration and they stop people to attend the demonstration.

If you are on your way to the demo, don’t go, it’s being called off right now. The police can’t handle the muslim counter demonstraters. The senior sergent said that he doesn’t want any of his policemen killed
.” [1]

As you can see, the police were understandably concerned that a major breach of public order was underway, but the fact of the matter is that violence was neither planned nor initiated by the protesters. Unite Against Fascism (UAF) had teamed up with thugs within the Islamic population in an attempt to crush dissent and stigmatise the protestors as “far-right” and “fascist”, which are the standard labels that it employs to try and dehumanise anyone who disagrees with their Islamo-Marxist agenda. Naturally, the mainstream media organs have colluded in this misrepresentation, so one has to read current reports of this situation with caution. It is probable that as I write, unrest continues on the streets of Harrow.

Wherever the UAF turns up, it initiates and incites violence, as today’s events sadly attest. UAF still subscribes to the Marxist-Leninist doctrine of violent class struggle, and its membership labour under the misapprehension that by allying with hyper-reactionary Islamist elements and undermining our society through mass immigration, they can create a violent revolutionary situation via which they will usher in their Socialist/Communist Millennium. In reality, if pushed far enough this will lead to a miserable civil war which will benefit nobody, other than the violent sadists who cloak their hatred in the language of fraternal love, whether it be that of the Ummah, or of the Proletariat. Paradoxically, it is people such as these, possessed of a rigid Manichaean cast of mind who cannot cope with the complexities of reality and history, who 70 years ago would have been attracted to Nazism had they been born in Germany. They are votaries of violence masquerading as progressives.

The BBC has reported that 8 people have been arrested, none of them being anti-Islamist demonstrators: “Seven people were arrested for possession of offensive weapons including a hammer, a chisel and bottles of bleach. . . . Another person was arrested to prevent a breach of the peace.” [2] As well as attempting to attack the peaceful demonstrators, the Islamist/UAF mob vented its irrational hatred on the police, with the Guardian and BBC reporting that officers were hit by bricks and bottles. As in Luton where another Islamist mob recently attacked the police, a number of fireworks were also thrown.

Members of the mob had been drawn from far afield. One 17-year old Islamist youth by the name of Mahmood Abdullah who had travelled from Morden told the Independent: "We don't want to start a fight but we're willing to defend our brothers and sisters if we have to . . . We want to show them that for every protestor they bring, we'll bring ten." [3]

Abdullah’s comment is telling. It shows us that we are no longer able to criticize Islam in the UK without being threatened with violence. As Enoch Powell predicted, we have in effect become strangers in our own land. It is time to take our country back, and time for our European neighbours in Holland, France, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden and elsewhere to take theirs back too. We need to tackle the Islamist menace that grows more aggressive and assertive by the year. This can only be done peacefully and via political means. And believe me, it can be done. All that it takes is an act of will. Millions of acts of individual will which together will provide the assertiveness necessary to reassert our sovereignty and sense of collective national identities.

Of course, absolutely every political party and individual in Europe that questions the madness of the demographic and cultural Islamic colonisation of our countries is branded as “far-right.” We have reached a peculiar tipping point in our history, where the indigenous peoples of Europe can choose either to commit collective suicide in the face of an implacable alien threat that calls itself the “religion of peace” (sic), or to reassert themselves through implementing moderate nationalist policies. The EU superstate and its multiculturalist elite stands in our way, and wishes to entrench Islamisation through expanding its borders to take in Turkey, and then to later admit states from the southern shores of the Mediterranean. This must never be allowed.

We now stand in a position of being pilloried as “far-right”, “fascist” and “racist” simply for opposing the deliberate dismantling and destruction not only of our indigenous cultures, but of our liberties too. There is no liberty under Islam, only slavery. If you think that standing up for traditional English liberties and free speech is “far-right”, then I stand guilty as charged. If you are a dogmatic Leftist, let me state clearly and emphatically that the Holocaust did take place and that it was a great evil, no more nor less so than the other terrible acts of mass murder of untold millions committed by Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot, all men of “the Left.” “Left” and “Right” have lost their meaning. They do not fit our contemporary political, social, economic or ecological realities. They belong to another era, as does the notion that the UAF, Searchlight, Antifa and the trade union movement are fighting a recrudescence of fascism in the UK. This is pure propagandist nonsense. If we truly wish to avoid bloodshed and the mistakes of history, let us not give in to the bloody ideologies of Islamic expansionism and Marxist class struggle.

Once again, I urge supporters of the EDL and kindred groups such as SIOE to back the formation of a moderate and assertive nationalist politics in the UK that rejects completely the claims of Islam within our shores. As in my initial posting of 5 September, I ask you to support the British National Party at the ballot box, and to join it if your livelihood is not currently threatened by doing so. There is no other political party in the UK that is guaranteed to take an assertive stand against Islamisation.

Protests such as those held today serve only to hinder our cause. The Labour Party has distorted your actions and will continue to do so, and is likely to use your protests as a pretext to push through draconian legislation further eroding our right not only to protest, but also to intellectual dissent. Witness for example this quote from John Denham in today’s Guardian: "I think that the English Defence League and other organisations are not actually large numbers of people. . . They clearly, though, have among them people who know what exactly they're doing. If you look at the types of demonstrations they've organised … it looks pretty clear that it's a tactic designed to provoke and to get a response and hopefully create violence." [4]

UAF’s paymasters are in power. Remember that, and act in a circumspect manner.

[1] SIOE website. Can be accessed from my Sites of Interest section.

[2] “Eight arrested in mosque protest”, BBC News, See also “Rightwing and anti-fascist protesters riot in London”, The Guardian, 11 September 2009

[3] “Right-wing protestors target Harrow mosque”, The Independent, 11 September 2009

[4] “Minister warns of 1930s-style fascists on Britain’s streets”, The Guardian, 11 September 2009


  1. Well, I expect by now you've seen the kind of divisive, hate-filled fascism the UAF can whip up, even in the peace activists from the Religion Of Peace, who were so peaceful today (11/09/09), they were throwing bottles and bricks at the police and generally smashing the place up, even though there was no-one to fight.

    Well done, UAF, you must be very proud. You've managed to whip up more racism, more hatred, more anger, and divide more communities.

    The best thing people who genuinely want peace can do is to look at the wall of shame and then write to their local MP and ask if they really support egging and bricking and violence and the kind of fascism that comes through the UAF's thug-fests.

    I've had the reply from Cameron - he is NOT a supporter of the UAF (as they have listed him). I'd be interested to see what YOUR MP says!

  2. Thanks for the link to the UAF "wall of shame" Digital Toast. My MP, I am glad to say, is not listed as a UAF supporter.


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