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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Militant Islam, the English Defence League and the BNP

I am as against the Islamification of the United Kingdom and Europe as anyone, and thus understand the genuine frustrations that have given birth to the English Defence League. In a situation where our mainstream political parties are actively courting the Muslim bloc vote and aiding and abetting the process of Islamification, it is unsurprising that some people will turn to public protest as a means of expressing discontent. However, there is opposition and there is opposition. It is my opinion that there are better and more effective ways of tackling this problem than creating situations where protesters lay themselves open to accusations of inciting and perpetrating violence, no matter how ill founded these may be.

The few protests that the EDL have staged thus far have been relatively small scale and have generated a predictably violent response from hotheads within the Muslim population and their allies within Unite Against Fascism and the Socialist Workers’ Party. All three of these elements share a commitment to violence to achieve their respective goals of: entrenching Islamic territorialism within the UK; destroying free thought and subverting social order as a means of ushering in a mythical revolutionary millennium which will deliver designated victim groups from the chains of global capitalism. I shall leave discussion of the dynamics of this unholy alliance for a later occasion. Do not be goaded into responding with violence, for that is what they want.

The recent Muslim unrest in Luton’s Bury Park area in which police were attacked with fireworks attests to the fact that significant elements within our Islamic colonising population are so eager to unleash violence upon us (i.e. native Britons and our non-Muslim civic compatriots) that they will use any pretext to do so. Our response should be calm and measured. Your MP may well be an Islamic lickspittle, but write to him or her expressing your concern about the increasing concessions made to Islam in our country, underscoring that far from increasing social cohesion, their policies are sowing the seeds of civil strife and will ultimately lead to a protracted low-intensity civil conflict if not reversed.

Emphasise that you do not wish to see Britain become another Bosnia-Herzegovina, and that as a deeply concerned citizen you believe that the principle of one law for all must be applied, without opt-outs for Islam. Demand the abolition of halal slaughter; sharia-compliant finance and mortgages; Islamic faith schools and charitable status for Islamic foundations and projects. Demand an end to the cultural imperialist programme of mosque building which has become a visible sign of our de facto subjugation to Islam in so many or our urban areas. Baldly state that you are not “far right” and that if they choose to see you as expressing “far-right” sentiments, then point out that they have thus stigmatised majority opinion amongst the indigenous peoples of the UK. If your MP reacts negatively, or does not respond, you will know that they prefer to rule over an electorate comprised of Somalis, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and mentally unbalanced converts to Islam (for there is no other kind of Islamic convert in a free society).

It is most likely that your MP will ignore you, accuse you of racism or simply give a half-hearted response addressing one or two of the issues. Anything less than a wholehearted backing of the above demands should be unacceptable for us. So, if and when you receive a negative response from your MP, whom should you vote for? The Labour, Liberal-Democrat and Conservative parties are all globalist multiculturalist parties which advocate appeasing Islam. Each will contain a handful of individuals who deviate from this diktat, but they are in no position and never will be in a position to influence policy. Your vote should therefore go elsewhere. Let us mobilise our families and friends against the appeasers of Islam.

UKIP are civic nationalists who take no position on Islam. Likewise, the English Democrats are in the same mould, and have no policy position on Islamisation. Both therefore, like Plaid Cymru and the SNP, are false nationalist parties. Islam has no roots amongst the indigenous peoples of our isles, and neither does it possess such roots in the lands of our continental neighbours. Our struggle against Islam can only succeed if we lend our support to a true nationalist party which has at its core a commitment to the right of self-determination for the indigenous peoples of the United Kingdom (i.e. the English, the Welsh, the Scots, the Irish and the Cornish). Hitherto, many people have been debarred from nationalist political campaigning by legislation preventing members of the British National Party from working in certain fields owing to it having been dubbed a “racist” organisation. Similarly, expressions of open support for the BNP have been muted through fear of being stigmatised and victimised.

All is about to change. As the BNP is unable to afford the legal fees to fight the Commission for Equality and Human Rights allegation that its membership criteria are in contravention of the Race Relations Act, it is about to open up membership to sympathetic ethnic minority British citizens. When this occurs, its opponents will no longer be able to declare it a “racist” party, and the Government will have to remove its ban on public sector workers being members of the BNP, otherwise it would have to abolish the Black Police Association and other such bodies promoting ethnic/racial special interests.

Whereas the CEHR action was designed to blow the BNP out of the water, it has in fact provided it for the first time ever with the possibility of becoming a serious mass political party with prospects in Westminster. There is a huge amount of pent-up public frustration linked to enforced mass immigration, multiculturalism and Islamisation, but people have previously felt inhibited about voting for the BNP because of the constant barrage of smears from the mainstream media, pressure groups and political rivals. Now, with the BNP’s changed membership criteria, the BBC and other broadcasters will have to give the BNP airtime, so the fabric of lies built up about the Party will eventually be torn apart. Moreover, the BNP will be able to attract professional people of talent who will be able to smooth out its rough edges and make it more electable.

There thus now exists for the first time in generations a real nationalist political option which will enable us to achieve our objectives in regaining our national autonomy and rights. Our goal must be to peacefully reverse the demographic, cultural and legal changes which together comprise the process of Islamisation/Islamification. We must steel ourselves for the tough political fight ahead, and remove any self-doubt with respect to the rightness of our cause. Our enemies possess no doubts, therefore we should be unwavering in our opposition to Islam within our shores. As for affairs elsewhere across the globe, we should keep out of them, for we are but a small country with declining power and influence. Our task should be first and foremost to secure our way of life and liberties within our own homeland, for ourselves, and those yet to be born.

Many of our fellow citizens who have been able to live lives insulated from contact with the burgeoning Islamic colonies across the UK lack direct experience of the latter’s negative social and economic impact, and currently often know no better than to swallow the lies fed to them by the mainstream media. They will for some time at least, continue to view us as in some ways less than fully human, owing to the standard repertoire of unjust insults deployed by the globalist multiculturalists in their battle to maintain cultural hegemony. Despite the heavy-handed attempts to indoctrinate the population through the introduction of compulsory “diversity training” and associated employment legislation, many can see through this fabric of wilful lies and discern the lineaments of an ugly truth.

I call upon the EDL to reconsider its tactics. Street protests are likely to discredit the anti-Islamist and nationalist causes in general. Don’t get angry, get even. We are now in a position where we can achieve our peaceful and moderate objectives through the electoral process. Please do not risk jeopardising the chances of a very real political breakthrough by giving vent to your frustrations on the street. This will only serve to give our opponents more ammunition to limit civil liberties and free expression. If you are truly against Islamisation, support the BNP.

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