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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Prevent Strategy: Muslims whinge so the indigenous British are to be stigmatised and targeted

The BBC reports the finding of the Communities and Local Government Committee that the government’s Prevent Strategy aimed at preventing “violent extremism has stigmatised and alienated Muslims.” How, may I ask, can you stigmatise people who stigmatise themselves through their violent bullying rhetoric of religious supremacism and hostile attitude to non-Muslim society?

One of the recommendations reported by the BBC cannot fail but bring a sardonic smile to the faces of all aware of Labour’s attempt to destroy British national identity and social cohesion via mass immigration and statutory diversity policies:

In turn, the Department of Communities could properly devote itself to dealing with the underlying causes of all forms of extremism and division in multi-ethnic Britain.”
So, are we to take it that it is going to place a moratorium upon all further immigration, abolish multiculturalism and deal firmly with Islamism? Hardly! No, instead a spokesman for the Department for Communities and Local Government stated: “The government has made clear that all forms of violent extremism must be tackled and has increased funding to tackle white, racist extremism.” The cross-party dhimmi consensus was reiterated by Chris Huhne of the Liberal Democrats who declared: “The Prevent programme alienates and marginalises Muslim communities, and exacerbates racist bias and ignorant views.”

If anyone is ignorant, then it is Huhne, who is apparently unable to differentiate race from ideology (Islam) and ignorance from knowledge. The Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties are united in their myopia vis-à-vis the Islamist threat, and continue in their pursuit of creating a non-existent far-right bogeyman with which to shore up voter loyalty. That strategy cannot hold for much longer. Ordinary people know that these three parties peddle lies about the state of our society today, and the gulf between political pronouncements and everyday experience grows ever wider.

There you have it: it is the white British who are to blame. Prepare yourself for the knock on the door at 3.00am. We know what they mean by “white, racist extremism”: any views or manifestation of political activity that do not chime with their multiculturalist, dhimmi Eurocratic dystopian nightmare. Prevent has of course been a failure, but not because it has alienated Muslims. It has been a failure because it has wasted £24 million of taxpayers’ money and has not sought to root out the cause of terror in the UK: Islam.

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