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Sunday, 28 March 2010

A Message from a Muslim (I presume) Reader of this Blog

I have an open comments policy on this blog as I believe in freedom of speech. This, after all, is one of the main reasons that I started blogging. Events here in the UK and elsewhere in Europe in recent years have caused me an increasing sense of unease, as our right to free expression has been increasingly curtailed and those who speak out about certain problems such as Islamisation, mass immigration and multiculturalism find themselves unjustly stigmatised and sometimes criminalized. Waiting in the wings are militant Islamists and their far-Left confederates who are all too happy to use violent intimidation in pursuit of silencing those who draw attention to their activities and goals. It would seem that one of these individuals (from Nottingham in all likelihood) paid a visit to this site yesterday, as you shall see.

This morning I was somewhat taken aback to read an exceptionally violent and threatening comment left after my piece calling for a boycott of KFC owing to the company’s introduction of halal-only menus at 74 of their branches in the UK. Obviously, some people will disagree with my stance, and I’m not stopping anyone from saying so; but I think you’ll agree that the following text (reproduced verbatim from the comments section) does not constitute a measured objection. The language employed is crude, but I thought it worthwhile drawing your attention to the deranged mentality characteristic of those who follow a literalistic interpretation of the Qur’an. Islamisation in the UK and elsewhere in Europe must be tackled with urgency, lest those of us who do not submit are murdered by these sadistic fanatics.

Here is the comment, followed by my reply:

Anonymous said...


27 March 2010 23:32

Durotrigan said...

Ah, "Anonymous" who left the message at 23:32 on 27 March, do you happen to be a follower of the "religion of peace" by any chance? Your comment says everything that we non-Muslims need to know about Islam. Incidentally, your grammar is execrable. Must you write everything in shouty block capitals? "NO BODIES" is suggestive of something non-corporeal, such as a spirit or a deity; the word you were struggling to find was "nobodies".

Your use of a term for part of the female anatomy conjoined with lopping heads off betrays your deep-seated misogyny as well as your psychopathic inclination to violence. It's also grammatically incorrect: "cunt" is a noun, not an adjective. Similarly, your reference to "LOWER CLASS TRASH" is not only factually incorrect, but also grammatically. Next time, please write "lower-class trash". Nonetheless, this shall be ignored, for we who oppose your barbarous ideology are drawn from all classes and are decent human beings, not "trash". Neither are you "trash": you are simply dangerously mentally unhinged; an excellent exemplar of the 'ideal' Muslim.

28 March 2010 11:07


  1. The ignorance portrayed by followers of the 'Dead Paedophile'[SAW]knows no bounds.
    A lot of people have been taken in by the taqiyya of such groups as 'Muslims Against Sharia'. As soon as I pointed out some of the discrepancies in their logic I was inundated with foul language and some pretty strange comments about my ancestors and their sexual proclivities.
    The only good Muslim is an EX Muslim.

  2. You're right Squirrel, most non-Muslims are unaware of the practice of taqiyya. We have a really tough struggle on our hands overcoming this understandable ignorance.

    Sorry to hear about the abuse that you've received. It's something we just have to put up with. As you note, the only good Muslim is a former Muslim.

  3. The comment left by your blogger 'ananymous'. was a single person, we can not even confirm whether is is muslim or not.
    However Durotrigan, you yourself writing a whole article about this single comment just goes to show how lame and pathetic you are, blowing this in to something its not, and claiming ALL muslims have this mentality.
    I am sure your viewers have a mind of their own and can decide for themselves is ALL muslims are like this.

  4. Against Hate, you've missed the point. I take it that by your moniker you are a well-intentioned individual and I'm willing to wager that you always seek out the best in people and give them the benefit of the doubt. Of course, over a billion people have been born into Muslim families and have thus been trapped within the ummah. Being born a Muslim doesn't make an individual a bad person, but following the letter of the Qur'an and the example of their Prophet Mohammed most certainly does. There are good people who happen to be Muslims, but good Muslims (in the sense of those who adhere to their scripture and actively emulate Mohammed) are undoubtedly bad people. Mohammed was no figure like Christ, Buddha or indeed Dawkins. Mohammed had more in common with Lenin, Hitler or Stalin than with other religious figures.

  5. Durotrigan my friend, i live closeby muslims and i frequently talk with them regarding their religion, I was so bitter and fearful of them after 7/7 that i cut all contact with them.
    They soon came around, one by one checking to see if i was alright, one woman said that she was worried that i may be ill because she hadn't seen me in a while.
    This struck me hard, after hating them and distancing myself from them, i realised that they are remarkebly loving and generous people.
    I agree with you that muslims are not bad people, however what you say about their prophet is quite accurate.
    The only miracle he performed was splitting the moon, and he didn't have a miraculous birth like jesus. He did however have many similarities with Moses. And Muhammad does follow the teachings of All the major prophets, rather than starting something new.
    I am actually thinking of converting.. unless you can sway me otherwise. Because i have realised that islam incorportes all the monotheistic religions, and im not the type for fairytales..however Islam does have some bizzare science in the quran which nobody can explain. To me it seems to be a proof of God.

    Do you have any advice for me?

  6. 'Against Hate', as I said previously, just because someone is born a Muslim, this does not make them a bad person. I feel sorry for the many innately decent people who happen to be trapped in this faith. Anyone however, who freely converts to this religion having familiarised themselves with the Qur'an, the Hadith and the course of Muslim history, makes a conscious decision to embrace evil. As I have said, Mohammed was an immoral tyrant. Just as there were 'nice' ordinary people who happened to be Stalinists because they had been brought up in the Soviet Union, or who were Nazis because they were brought up in Nazi Germany, does not make either Stalinism or Nazism acceptable ideologies which one should consider embracing. If you choose Islam, you degrade yourself and your fellow human beings by making an active declaration of hate against all who do not subscribe to this ideology.

    Of course you should not hate your Muslim neighbours (unless they are fundamentalists, in which case they should be despised and shunned), but you need to have some self-respect. You don't need to embrace an authoritarian ideology in the form of religion or a secular totalitarian alternative to give meaning to your life. Read widely, and consider the humane knowledge of the Ancients as set out in Graeco-Roman philosophy. Try Epicurus or Marcus Aurelius. These were good men who led humane and noble lives without recourse to deities or causing harm to others. Contemplate all that is good in nature and in people. The natural world around us and the Cosmos are things of awe and beauty. Celebrate life, and put aside thoughts of death and cults such as Islam that seek to sway men from a peaceable enjoyment of our brief existence.

  7. Thats just it though Durotrigan,"our brief existence". Doesn't it make you think about why we are here for such a brief period of time? Why is it that we are the only species on earth so powerful and dominating all other species? Why is it only us that can colonise the land sea and air? Why is it only our species that has choice for the actions we carry out? And the most fightening part is that we are all going to meet our grave, sooner or later. Sometimes i feel that i think too much, but then i realise its the wise man that questions, the simple man doesn't have the ability to think as deeply.

    I do believe in the prophets, of ALL religions, because these people have left legacies, these people have convinced BILLIONS of people to their way of thinking, no average man can do this. For example the person who founded marxism, or communism, or even capitalism, these have died out or are going to die out, however religion does not.

    And all these religions have in common the same thing.. the creator. So instead of fighting the thought of their being a creator, i decided to go out and do my own research(as i biomedical scientist), can i PROVE god exists? What i found has startled me, their are so many scientific facts which i found in the quran, which science has only discovered in the last 100 years. I checked out other holy books too, but because they've been manipulated by man maybe thats the reason i couldn't find anything significant.

    Taking this into consideration, there is no way an illiterate man (muhammad) could have wrote it. And the fact that this book hasn't been changed in 1400 years is another miracle (i've had exclusive access to the oldest quran in the turkish museum for my research to prove it). And the biggest enemy to religion is science, but in islam..religion and science go hand in hand. Just seems a bit too miraculous for me for religion to be a fairy tale.

    I understand what you are saying about islam being violent, and i do agree it has had violent periods, for any way of life to exist though, force is necessary. How can a good way of life exist if a bad way of life attacks, obviously it must fight back. I've extensively studied shariah law aswel, as frightening as it may sound it maintains law and order like no ther system on earth. It solves problems before they arise, for example no-one would dare steal because they know that their hand will be cut off. No-one would dare cheat on their spouse because they know it will lead to their death (therefore this prevents broken families), no-one would dare fornicate because they would get lashed (this prevents disease spread,and childbirth in non secure family units), polygamy is permitted for men as they can sustain multiple women (whereas a women can't sustain multiple men due to pregnancies etc) and in our society today it is perfectly fine to have 15 girlfriends and not commit to any, but its not ok to have 15 wives committing to a relationship.

    The main problem with islam that i find ,are the backward muslims from afghanistan etc.

    Feedback much appreciated.

  8. Against Hate, it saddens me to see that you have evidently decided to embrace evil. You know as well as I do that women are treated like dirt by Islam and that shariah demands my death (no, I am not a criminal).

    How can you believe in "the prophets of ALL religions" given that they say completely contradictory things? Do you recognise the prophet of the Mormons: Joseph Smith? Do you recognise Zoroaster? Do you recognise Buddha, given that he did not believe in God? Do you believe in the rantings of some poor devil suffering from schizophrenia who thinks he's a prophet and yells out random nonsense in your local town centre? If you wish to find a religion to embrace other than Christianity, why don't you try following the teachings Sikhism? It is far superior to Islam in its humane approach, and as you insist upon cleaving to the concept of a cosmic deity, it is panentheist.

    If you decide to convert, please emigrate to Pakistan, Afghanistan or Somalia where you will learn the reality of your 'ideal' society. Do not seek to implement it here. I hope that you reconsider your conversion, for if you do not, you are lost.


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