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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

UAF Mission Statement: a Pack of Lies

Strange is it not, that the UAF should post the following upon its website in its introduction to a section entitled The Facts about the BNP:
"Fascism stands for the murder of millions, the annihilation of entire communities and the destruction of democracy and human rights."
The UAF is run by Communists; Trotskyists, to be precise. Remember, when Polish patriots rose in an attempt to free Warsaw from Nazi occupation in 1944 before the Soviets arrived to crush their last hopes of national independence, the Soviets referred to the brave Polish resistance fighters as "fascists". Communists always refer to patriots as fascists, so this is what you must bear in mind when you read or hear their descriptions of the BNP.

Let us substitute one word for "fascism" in the above quote and see how it reads:
Communism "stands for the murder of millions, the annihilation of entire communities and the destruction of democracy and human rights."
Is that historically correct or incorrect? Well, Stalin murdered millions through civil war, collectivisation, purges and 'routine' political persecution. Ditto Mao and Pol Pot. Think of the millions of Ukrainians, Kazakhs and, indeed, ethnic Russians who died as a direct consequence of the famines engendered by collectivisation. Were not thousands of "entire communities" across the former Russian Empire destroyed through collectivisation and so-called dekulakisation? Of course they were. Untold millions died. Democracy? We all know what Communists think of democracy: it's only as good as the opportunities that it affords them in pursuit of the permanent seizure of power. It is, as Lenin would put it, a "means to an end". Human rights? Once again, Communists do not recognise such a category. For them, such a concept is merely a product of "bourgeois individualism".

Being cognisant of the above facts, I do not see how a rational and humane individual could support the UAF. Remember, Weyman Bennett, Joint Secretary of the UAF, is also a leading member of the Trotskyist Socialist Workers' Party (SWP), and Derek Simpson, Joint General Secretary of Unite the Union (the major force underpinning the UAF) was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain until it disbanded in 1991. Can you trust such men to tell the truth about patriots in the BNP or the EDL, or those who seek to defend European values and culture against Islamisation such as SIOE or Geert Wilders? Of course not. Their pronouncements are designed to advance their communist agenda. For them, the routine dehumanisation of their political opponents is all grist to their Marxist mill.

Don't be fooled by the thugs of the UAF. They seek to accelerate the Islamisation of the UK and Europe in order to create civil war. Don't fall into their trap. We must respond peacefully, and defeat them using words; the truth will out. They will continue along the path of violence, but this is a path that we shall not tread. As more and more of the public see them for what they are, and even our corrupt mass media can no longer hide the truth, their raging voices will fall upon deaf ears, and people will turn upon them and rightly ask for these criminal agitators to be dealt with using the full force of the law. Win we must, and win we shall.


  1. Excellent post, have dugg this >>>

  2. Cheers. Just a small contribution to get the truth out to those who stumble upon this blog. The day when the mass media start reporting on this matter objectively, I'll stop blogging about it. When hell freezes over ;-)?

  3. The press are in the gutter, if it wasn't for Jordan and Kerry lifestories, they'd be bankrupt already ;p

    We'll have our day, it is in the scripture, I'm sure of it. If not, it ought to be, we've suffered enough enrichment in Peckham!


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