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Thursday 11 March 2010

Sandhurst Mosque: Radio 4 pandering to Islam again

This morning’s Today Programme featured an item on Camberley Council’s decision not to allow an existing mosque in a Victorian school building to sprout minarets. Predictably, Sarah Montague was soon deploying words such as “Islamophobia” and “racism” to merry abandon, readily (and ominously) eliding the two. What is it that is so difficult for commentators of her ilk to grasp: Islam is not a race; it is a totalitarian religion that possesses followers from all races and actively proselytises amongst the indigenous British. Montague et al should therefore never elide criticism or dislike of Islam with the term “racism.” Furthermore, the real intent underpinning the creation of the word “Islamophobia” was revealed in Montague’s usage: to silence and damn criticism of Islam and its manifestations whilst simultaneously seeking to stigmatise and ostracise anyone who dares to voice criticism. To brand someone a “racist” in our society today is equivalent to according them the status of “heretic” in mediaeval Europe (or the contemporary Islamic world) or “fascist” in the Soviet Union.

I am glad that planning permission for minarets at the Camberley mosque has been refused, but nonetheless, I am saddened by the very fact that there is a mosque in the town. If you are considering voting for UKIP at the forthcoming General Election, I would ask you not to do so, for despite Lord Pearson’s views on Islamisation, these are not shared by Nigel Farage who stated "This was never about religion, but about the fair and just process that applies to everyone no matter what faith or belief." Farage’s utterance displays his willingness to politick for the Muslim vote, and thus demonstrates that if UKIP did gain MPs they would be just as unwilling to criticise (let alone deal with) Islamisation as the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democratic parties.


  1. This website is a joke. WOW a mineret, its a beautiful piece of arcitecture not a flipping missile!
    I think the closed minded 'Durotrigan' needs to get out more and meet some muslims, otherwise you will never see what they are like, you can't trust the media in their brainwashing. How about you approach a man with a beard or a women guarding her modesty who looks more like virgin mary than any christian woman, and who falls on their foreheads to pray just like jesus did. They take off their shoes when they're on holy ground just like moses did, and wash before prayer just like moses did. Muslims don't disrespect ANY prophet (peace be upon them all). Just think for yourself why so many people are turning towards islam?? 2/3 of converts to islam in the USA are WOMEN, they can't be so oppressed then can they??

  2. Meet some Muslims? I've suffered unprovoked verbal abuse and a physical attack from some near to my own home thank you very much. I'm not saying that all Muslims are bad people. That would be ridiculous, as people happen to be born into the religion and are not permitted to leave it, as well you know. As Geert Wilders has said, "There are moderate Muslims, but there is no such thing as moderate Islam." As for trusting the media, you must be kidding! I most certainly do not.

  3. Im sorry for the verbal abuse and physical attacks against you from my muslims brothers, im guessing they will have been young teenagers with nothing better to do?? There are black sheep in every community and im glad that you have pointed out that not all muslims are bad people.

    My friend, i have watched Geert Wilders famous film and seen many of his speeches and videos on youtube, i must emphasise however that EVERY single verse which he has quoted he has taken out of context.

    For example, chapter 4 verse 43 'Do not go near prayer when you are intoxicated', if i wanted to take this out of context like what wilders did, i could say 'do not go near prayer'. Similarly he has done this about the quran when it was talking about war etc, it is a complete fabrication and any sheep who follow him dont even check it up. The quran is not violent, and if you insist then send me a violent quote and i will justify it for you.


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