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Saturday 27 March 2010

Muslim News Awards 2010

Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democratic submission to Islam was once again demonstrated at the Muslim News Awards earlier this month with Home Secretary Alan Johnson taking the opportunity to court the Muslim vote whilst smearing indigenous opponents of Islamisation. Interestingly, the host for the evening – Ahmed J. Versi (editor and publisher of Muslim News) – had some telling things to say about the deliberate Islamisation of the UK by the mainstream political parties. It is worth quoting his introductory speech at length to highlight the detrimental impact of these measures and attitudes:

The incoming Labour government in 1997 was the first time that any Government made Muslims feel that their opinions were sought and valued.
Labour picked the first Muslim for a safe Parliamentary seat and appointed Muslim peers, as well as Muslim advisors for a host of initiatives.
There are now four Muslims in the House of Commons, all of them Labour. And we have the first Muslim minister attending the Cabinet, the Rt Hon Sadiq Khan.
The Government fulfilled many of our longstanding requests: A question on religion to be included in the national census of 2001; funding of Muslim schools; Shari’ah compliant financial products working within UK financial regulations; outlawing of religious discrimination at work place and in service delivery in public institutions and outlawing of incitement to religious hatred.
And the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, led the way in making senior cabinet ministers available for interviews with The Muslim News. His generous gestures ensured that the other parties followed suit.”
Although seen as positive by Mr Versi, in my eyes, the above measure constitute a damning charge sheet that should be levelled against Labour, particularly the repression of free speech associated with measures against so-called “religious discrimination” and “incitement to religious hatred.” This demonstrates that without the Muslim colonisation of our islands, these measures to limit our liberties would not have been introduced. One can only conclude therefore, that our society would be a better place without Islam.

Versi also does us the service of summarising the moves of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats to submit to Islam:
“As for The Conservative Party, it is not today the Tory party of old.
William Hague while Leader of the Party, made significant efforts to turn the Party around and began to demonstrate a greater understanding of Britain’s diverse faiths.
It was under William Hague that we saw Britain’s first Muslim member of the European Parliament.
This change has continued under the current leadership of David Cameron.
There are now two Muslim Tory peers and one of them Sayeeda Warsi, is a member of the shadow cabinet.
And the Liberal Democrats too have made strides in supporting Muslim issues and they have one Muslim peer.
They aptly reflected the society’s feeling on war on Iraq by taking a robust stand against it.
Nick Clegg demanded that our Government and the European Union halt arms sales to Israel during Operation Cast Lead in which hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians, including many children were killed.
Whichever party comes to form the next Government, there is a pressing need for it to re visit policies that improve relations with the Muslim community and help rejuvenate community cohesion.”
Looking at this list of measures, changes, attitudes and demands, can you now doubt that our three main Westminster parties do not have the interests of the real British people – the indigenous British people – as their foremost priority? Versi’s last sentence is chilling, for once again it demonstrates the Muslim propensity to salami-slice away our liberties and values and replace them with their own. It shows that they will be persistently pushing for more privileges for Islam in this country to the detriment of everyone else. Will you vote for any party that accords special privileges to this bullying belief system and its followers, or will you express your desire for a peaceful country and society by voting for a party pledged to counter and reverse Islamisation? Why should some be made “more equal than others”? Why should we be increasingly made to feel “strangers in our own country”?

Alan Johnson’s speech reveals the prospect of a future intensification of persecution against those who oppose Islamisation. He stated:

But tackling extremism does not define the relationship between government and Muslim communities. Nor does it mean that the responsibility for tackling extremism lies only with the Muslim community. Like the threat from far right racists, it affects us all and it requires a united response.”
Who are these “far right racists”? Although we know them to be phantoms of his febrile imagination, unfortunately Johnson thinks that he has identified them in the ‘demonic’ forms of the BNP, EDL, SIOE and those who rightly and robustly criticise Islam. Johnson continues:

And we know that there are Muslim communities in the UK which are disproportionately affected by poverty and unemployment, who struggle to access services or face discrimination and harassment because of their faith or ethnicity.”
Yes, statistically speaking Muslims are “disproportionately affected by poverty and unemployment” but I would wager that my explanation of the reasons underpinning this situation is rather different to Johnson’s. It’s got nothing to do with “discrimination” or “harassment”, of which in reality Muslims are more likely to be perpetrators than victims. No. Their disproportionate poverty and unemployment are largely conditioned by a set of social attitudes and attributes arising from Islam. Furthermore, it is typical for neighbourhoods experiencing large-scale Muslim colonisation to experience considerable declines in property values, so even though Muslim and non-Muslim neighbourhoods may have the same type of housing stock and access to services, it is more likely that the Muslim one will be classed as “impoverished” simply because of the nominal lesser value of its properties. Benefit fraud is widespread amongst Muslim colonies, enabling restaurant workers and taxi drivers to support large families thanks to generous state subsidy. The indices of poverty are thus distorted and give an inaccurate measure of actual deprivation.

Internal causes of Muslim relative poverty include:
  • poor English-language skills causing underperformance at school
  • large family size arising from lack of contraception and the subordinate role of women
  • chain migration, which imports poverty, social backwardness and a lack of competence in the English language which bolsters a sense of affiliation to their ancestral ethnic homelands and hostility to indigenous Britons
  • female economic inactivity arising from women often being effectively imprisoned in the domestic environment by their menfolk and associated familial denial of educational opportunities
The existence of the Muslim News Awards and the reaction of the leading Westminster parties to its agenda shows that none of the latter, if you did not have your doubts for a host of other reasons, are fit to govern.

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