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Friday, 12 March 2010

Time to boycott KFC: Colne KFC goes Halal

Following Asda's decision to sell only halal products in its Isle of Dogs store late last year, the Islamization Watch blog reports that Colne KFC is now selling halal products only. This means that anyone who purchases chicken from this branch will now be eating inhumanely slaughtered poultry owing to the refusal of local Muslims to eat meat which has been produced using methods that seek to minimise suffering to animals as they are despatched. The branch has also stopped selling pork products.

Islamization Watch states:
The store, on North Valley Retail Park, is one of 74 KFC outlets nationwide to be chosen for a halal trial. Those in Burnley, Accrington and Blackburn are also taking part in the trial.
On its website, KFC states: "For some time, we have received requests to provide halal food in parts of the UK, and as a result of this we are running a halal trial within communities where we anticipate a strong demand for halal products."
A Facebook group opposing this policy has been set up, so if you are a member, I urge you to join it. Currently, there are more of us non-Muslim than Muslim consumers in the UK, so together we can drive businesses to ruin should they choose to introduce halal-slaughtered meat into their product range. We must not tolerate the creeping Islamisation of our nation. Boycott KFC. Boycott Asda. Boycott any business that introduces halal meat. Do not condone the barbarous intentionally cruel practices of a dark age religion by continuing to purchase products from KFC or Asda.


  1. Is it okey to pray to a pedophile and a slave owner like "prophet" mohammed?
    Watch and read mohammed T-shirt art from Sweden at,

  2. You can express your disgust at KFCs decission by posting a comment on the KFC website:

    Scroll or press [Ctrl + End] to the foot of the page and let your thoughts be known.

    I urge you to submit a comment and Boycott KFC for good.

    My comment was that the pedophile mohammed (piss be upon him) can fuck the lot of them at KFC. No more KFC for me thanks. Now, big corporation are now appeasing the intollerant SOB's... WTF next with these muslims? A civil war i expect.

  3. Hello anonymous. Thanks for posting the link to the KFC comments section. I'm glad that you've provided them with some appropriate feedback linked to their Muslim-appeasing halal policy. I've already let them know what I think of their approach, and embedded the link in my follow-up piece on KFC from earlier this month.

    I hope that the boycott goes well in Berkshire too. We can turn back this Islamisation tide, but it'll have to rely upon ordinary people like us working from the bottom up, rather than expecting anything other than condemnation from the treacherous mainstream Westminster parties.


  5. Ah, "Anonymous" who left the message at 23:32 on 27 March, do you happen to be a follower of the "religion of peace" by any chance? Your comment says everything that we non-Muslims need to know about Islam. Incidentally, your grammar is execrable. Must you write everything in shouty block capitals? "NO BODIES" is suggestive of something non-corporeal, such as a spirit or a deity; the word you were struggling to find was "nobodies".

    Your use of a term for part of the female anatomy conjoined with lopping heads off betrays your deep-seated misogyny as well as your psychopathic inclination to violence. It's also grammatically incorrect: "cunt" is a noun, not an adjective. Similarly, your reference to "LOWER CLASS TRASH" is not only factually incorrect, but also grammatically. Next time, please write "lower-class trash". Nonetheless, this shall be ignored, for we who oppose your barbarous ideology are drawn from all classes and are decent human beings, not "trash". Neither are you "trash": you are simply dangerously mentally unhinged; an excellent exemplar of the 'ideal' Muslim.

  6. I am now an ex-KFC customer. i am totally disgusted that KFC are pandering to stoneage people with stoneage practices, particularly halal meat.
    your turnover will go down, not up, as we will boycott your outlets and make sure that everyone knows about your money-grabbing decision. What next?
    A green arrow pointing east so that the immigrants can pray before stuffing theur faces with inhumanely slaughtered meat?
    Do not forget to install the special muslim toilet equipped with a lefthand bumwash.
    KFC - Killed Famous Chicken business.

  7. "anyone who purchases chicken from this branch will now be eating inhumanely slaughtered poultry" - Do you even know what constitutes halal meat? It's actually so that the animals feel as less pain as possible and so that they do not watch each being harmed, these are some of the rules which makes meat halal. And if your concern is for the animals you are eating, it will serve you well to find out about the actual practise which may just surprise you! Always amazes me how you guys have such strong opinions without actually knowing what you hold an opinion on. And as for anonymous who used the uncalled for language why don't you try expressing your views the prophetic way? Through kindness and patience? And for those of you who will read this and wonder - yes I am a follower of the "religion of peace" and I hope my grammer pleases you more than the persons.


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