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Sunday 8 November 2009

Boycott ASDA: Teach it a Lesson for its Halal-only Policy on the Isle of Dogs

Halal slaughter causes needless pain and suffering to animals, and that it is permitted to take place in the UK today is a scandal. I am unhappy to see that the management of ASDA’s Isle of Dogs store has decided that henceforth only halal meat will be available from its fresh meat counter.

The Sunday Express reports that

Asda insisted it was “responding to customer demand” and had done a deal with a local halal butcher to reflect the ethnic make up of the area’s population. Yet figures show that while the borough of Tower Hamlets is almost half Muslim, the Isle of Dogs is about 80 per cent non-Bangladeshi. Workers at the store said furious non-Muslim customers would not [buy] meat derived from cutting the throats of animals and letting them bleed to death.”

This is but the most recent example of the creeping Islamisation of the United Kingdom, one that in this instance is passed off as “responding to customer demand”. Consider this: if we have now reached a stage where the presence of a concentrated body of so-called mainstream Muslims can result in the imposition of shariah-compliant practices, it is only a matter of time before their demographic weight translates into the imposition of other aspects of shariah which will also be forced onto non-Muslims. Islam is incompatible with all other social systems and we must do all that we can to resist and turn back the encroachment of Islamic practices in our country.

ASDA’s bottom line is its bottom line. If the company wishes to respond to customer demand, then let us show it what we want by shopping elsewhere and demanding that it drops its halal policy. I pledge to boycott ASDA. Write to ASDA to express your dissatisfaction with its decision to promote inhumane treatment of animals and state that you’ll not shop at any of its stores until it is reversed. For information on the British Humanist Association’s campaign to end halal and kosher slaughter without pre-stunning visit

Reference: “Asda in Halal Storm”, Ted Jeory, The Sunday Express, 8 November 2009,


  1. This is not costomer demand but testing of the water, boycott Asda! Donna

  2. Thank you for your support Donna. Thankfully, there are still more of us non-Muslims here in the UK than Muslims, so our purchasing power is greater and more important to business. Wherever we see businesses adopting specifically Muslim practices, we should opt for boycotts. Through such peaceful and straightforward actions as these, we can begin to roll back the tide of Islamisation.

  3. DT

    I,ll be blogging a couple of extracts from this later in the week, and a link to this page. We've got an enormous Asda here in Wigan. See if we can't pull it down a peg or two.


    You might like to post this cartoon. I'm hoping it will go viral. Spread it around, and email it to your contacts.

  5. If this is the Asda at Mudchute, I don't understand the commercial logic. I'm not a local but from what I've seen of the Island, the non-banker population is mostly pre-Canary Wharf white working and white lower-middle class people. I have seen the occasional walking tent on Manchester Road but it's hardly as far gone as the Commercial Road* over in Limehouse and Whitechapel. As the Express piece points out, 80% of the Island and 50% of the borough can be taken to be non-Muslim.
    * There's a gay club on the Commercial Road which makes no bones about what it is. Every time I pass it on the bus I find myself wondering what the local bearded men in frocks make of it.

  6. I've only bought from Asda once and that was supposedly fresh veg but once unwrapped in my fridge, it was stinking of what I can only describe, as damp, dank warehouse. I threw it away. I found that their prices were no cheaper than most supermarkets anyway.

    I will never buy from Asda again because they are traitors to this Country in selling halal meat.

  7. Great idea about targeting the Wigan Asda Sir Henry. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

    Edwin, thank you for your illuminating comment re the demography of the Isle of Dogs. Is it that the Muslims in the area are exceptionally carnivorous (now there's a scary thought), or is it that the store manager is one of them? If not, perhaps the said manager possesses pronounced dhimmi tendencies? As for the clientele of the Commercial Road club, might they not be of a rather masochistic persuasion, and thus enjoy the frisson of danger generated by cavorting amidst the aforementioned sack-clad gentlemen?

    Thanks for pledging to the boycott Maz. Spread the word amongst your family and friends.


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