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Thursday 12 November 2009

Gordon Brown Lies about Immigration (again)

Gordon Brown cynically attempted to pull the wool over voters’ eyes today by pretending that he was doing something to regulate mass immigration. However, he is fully aware of the fact that he and his party have deliberately engineered mass immigration and that they remain totally ideologically convinced of its merits. The measures that Brown announced today were, as  Sir Andrew Green of Migration Watch noted, “trivial”. They will do nothing whatsoever to stem the rise in our skyrocketing population, and in reality they are not intended to do so.

Brown, and dishonest fellow Labour Party member Alan Johnson, are pretending to listen to ordinary Britons’ concerns about immigration and making soothing noises about this matter purely because they know that people utterly disagree with their policy and are considering voting for the BNP. This is the sole reason that Labour has even bothered to introduce meaningless and completely ineffective ‘controls’ on immigration. The Labour Party remains committed to the very core of its being to the destruction of our national fabric.

Nobody should be gulled into thinking that Labour is for one moment sounding a genuine note of contrition vis-à-vis the immigration scandal. It is a party of globalist internationalists. They lied about the Lisbon Treaty and they have presided over our national absorption into the emergent EU totalitarian super-state. Miliband and many others now wish to swiftly facilitate Turkey’s entry to the EU, which will hasten the Islamisation of Europe and our country. They prostrate themselves before Islam, and use the pretext of the “war on terror” to gag and monitor us all. They hate England and the English with a particular vehemence, and thus give it and its people no recognition either institutionally (in the form of an English parliament), or even on the census form. Frank Field should leave the Labour Party, for he does himself no favours by remaining part of this morally, intellectually and literally bankrupt entity.

Gordon Brown. We have heard what you said today and we know you for a liar. Your time is coming to a close, and someday I hope that you are brought to account for your deliberate destructive assault upon my nation.

Reference: "PM to 'tighten' migration rules', BBC, 12 November 2009,

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