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Friday, 13 July 2012

Bradford Swoop: Ten arrested

The Telegraph and Argus this afternoon reported that police had arrested ten men in a number of raids carried out in Bradford on Wednesday. All are suspected of having committed "serious sexual offences" but the nature of these and the identities of the men have not been revealed. The ten have apparently been released on bail, with the arrests constituting "part of an ongoing operation." Given the location and the scale of the arrests, together with the fact that they are said to relate to "an ongoing operation", this begs the question as to whether they might be linked to some rather high profile arrests and trials that have taken place recently relating to sexual abuse of a particular type.

It has been a busy week for West Yorkshire Police in the city, for by Monday Operation Sabredale had led to the arrest of 38 individuals in a crackdown on gun crime and drug dealing in Bradford. Two shotguns and 90 rounds of ammunition are reported as having been seized, along with £200,000 worth of class A drugs. The operation has targeted three areas in particular: Girlington, Holme Wood and West Bowling, but one of the two firearms was seized in Manningham. There has also been a crackdown on uninsured vehicles for which the city is notorious.

Evidently, West Yorkshire Police seem to be making a real effort to tackle serious crime in Bradford this week, and hopefully their efforts will succeed in making the city a safer place.


  1. It's about time the Police stopped fucking pussy-footing around in, what is basically, Asian ghetto areas and pulled their collective finger out much as they would do in percieved high-crime 'White' areas. They took security cameras out in Alum Rock because of complaints from the Muzzie community. This now allows the locals to go about their non law-abiding business with impunity. This ranges from dog-fighting to drug-dealing. When are they going to wake up and dispel the myth that all these asians come from 'good' families and that a large % of a certain age group are involved in organised crime involving guns and drugs. When are taxis going to be randomly pulled over and sniffer dogs sent in? I would love to see that, i mean, the drivers do'nt even want 'normal' dogs in their vehicles. I wonder why? I see local taxis around here, driven by Pakistanis dropping off male Afro-Carribeans who do'nt live around here and then hanging around for 20 mins to pick them up! It's not rocket science......Most of the local Asian Yoof do not work and do not sign on, where the fuck does the money come from to buy their noisy, chavvy cars???

    Politicians and Police - wake up and smell the coffee and do'nt start me off about sex grooming!

    ATB Laurie -

    1. With the spate of arrests that has taken place lately, it looks as if the penny may have dropped with respect to the nature of this type of grooming, although because of some of the absurd legislation that we have relating to "diversity" the reality of this phenomenon cannot be publicly acknowledged. This in itself is of course hugely damaging and harmful both to the effective detection and deterrence of crime. However, I am sure that many rank-and-file members of the police are fully aware of the real state of play, but may be hindered from stating this and acting by those in more senior positions.


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