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Monday 16 July 2012

Census indicates surge in Muslim population

Today saw the release of the first data sets from the 2011 census by the Office for National Statistics, and whereas early indications were that the population of England and Wales would have surged by more than three million, the actual figure turned out to be higher than officially expected: an increase of 3.7 million. This was the fastest rate of population increase measured since the first census was taken in 1801, and takes the average population density for England to 407 people per square kilometre. If we exclude the essentially urban microstates of Monaco, the Vatican and Malta, England is now the most densely populated country in Europe, closely followed by the Netherlands at 404 per square kilometre. This increase is alarming, and all three of the parties of government that have presided over this increase must acknowledge responsibility for this unacceptable de facto open borders policy (see a statement by David Willetts in December last year advocating an influx of labour).

The data thus far released deal only with "age and sex, and occupied households estimates for England and for Wales". The more interesting data on ethnicity and religion it would seem will not be forthcoming for quite some time. What is clear though is that the vast proportion of the population increase will have been driven by immigration and higher fertility amongst sections of the immigrant-descended population. An alarming indication of what to expect is provided by the identities of the two local authorities with the fastest population growth rates in England: Tower Hamlets and Newham. In 2001, Newham had the second highest proportion of Muslims in the UK at 24.3% of the total, whereas Tower Hamlets, according to 2010 estimates, was 36.4% Muslim. Likewise, Bradford has displayed an increase significantly higher than the national norm. What clearer illustration of demographic Islamisation could be provided?

The census has demonstrated that England has suffered disproportionately from mass immigration, with the increase in its population accounting for 3.56 million of the 3.72 million total. This is not only undesirable, but completely unsustainable and reckless. The natural dynamics of our native population can be seen in the ONS graph below, for if we look at the figures for 1971 to 1981, we see a slight decline. This is the population trajectory towards which we should be aiming, considering the gross overpopulation of our country. Irrespective of the figures contained in the census, there is one overriding certainty: they represent a significant underestimate of the true figure. Many will not have bothered to complete the census return, including obviously those who have arrived here illegally. What their numbers are, we cannot hazard to say with any degree of accuracy, but at a minimum we should reckon upon a million illegal immigrants. According to one report that appeared in The Independent in 2007, senior and reliable sources claimed that the UK population was already between 77 and 80 million. The latter figure certainly tallied with the reckoning of one of the country's large supermarket chains.

Mass immigration has contributed towards an absurd situation in which we are told repeatedly that even at a time of extensive flooding we need to cut down on our domestic water consumption, and that compulsory metering is the answer. Then there is the pressure on our housing stock, for even in Wales for example, a story ran on the BBC website two days ago revealing that planners project that Cardiff's population will rise by a quarter by 2026 and have thus allocated land for the construction of 45,000 new homes. If that is to happen in Wales, what will happen in England? Our countryside, with its distinctive landscape, its farms and wildlife are under threat from our leaders' addiction to population growth. What of the permanent phenomenon of mass unemployment that bedevils our country, and of the underemployment of many graduates? Are these concerns to be ignored as irrelevant and "unscientific", swept aside by an oligrarchic elite that cares not about the welfare of the people it claims to represent? Probably.

England, of course, is not the only country to be buckling under the weight of immigration originating predominantly from outside of Europe, for the arrival of a vast number of illegal immigrants from countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia, is in Greece placing an intense strain upon a state and people already in grave crisis.

As to the reporting of these initial census results, the BBC, as is its wont, is not referring to "immigration", but to "migration"; this difference in linguistic usage being quite intentional, "migration" being employed with a view to making this unprecedented phenomenon appear to be in the natural order of things, and to be legitimate. It is in fact, neither. The most objective reporting of these results by a well-known body is likely to be forthcoming from Migration Watch.The Balkanisation of our country continues apace.

UPDATE: For the 2011 Census results relating to the Muslim population, click here.

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  1. ‘’Are these concerns to be ignored as irrelevant and "unscientific" swept aside by an oligrarchic elite that cares not about the welfare of the people it claims to represent? Probably.’’

    More than probable it’s a certainty. I don’t think these census results come as any surprise except they possibly tell only half the story. When you consider all the garages, sheds, spare rooms, houses and other buildings turned into unofficial lodgings and dormitories, with no documentation or record kept. I doubt those illegal residents or their landlords bothered to fill in a census form.

    1. Yes, quite how many others there are leading squalid lives in dank sheds (rather unenviable dwellings, particularly given the 'summer' weather so far this year) is impossible to know. The only thing that we can be sure of is that the census figures represent a considerable underestimate with respect to the real population of our country. Given that, we really do seem to be in an alarming predicament.

  2. A car found with guns and an IED in the boot. The constant attack on free speeech and an exploding populution due to immigrants. Financial meltdown looming. Will the people wake from their slumbers and smell the coffee. Well it's the Olympics and if things are really bad come the next election, the Labour party will be ready to serve and save. Nothing to worry about!


    1. It's not looking good Constip. Then again, just wait until next year, for it is likely to be even worse. If summer finally arrives during the next month, will we witness the return of last year's riots?

      We have a daunting task ahead of us!

  3. No surprises with the 'surge' in the population, no surprises with the rise in the Muslims and likewise other non-indigenous types. They traditionally have large families as an 'insurance' against old-age much as we did a hundred years ago. But now we have female emancipation and a social welfare system but that has only encouraged 'them' and of course own fecundites. In a number of urban areas we will be outbred which means outvoted with the breeders being told to vote for their own councillers and MP's and so the 'ghetto-isation' and Islamification of the country continues - if this happened in rural, tory-dominated, areas we would soon see the reaction!!

    Laurie -

    1. You're right of course Laurie, as these figures were entirely expected. The question of demographic change on this scale does pose certain problems with respect to the question of democracy in the long-term, given that citizenship has been recklessly granted to millions who should never have received it. Why should hostile and culturally incompatible incomers have a say over the future course of our country and way of life? We need to respond to this question with a practical political solution, and we need to organise politically to achieve this as a matter of urgency.

  4. Peter Sutherland (UN spokesperson for immigration and also Bilderberg elite) has stated that Europe must be multicultural - can we have a vote on that???? NO we can't, because we can't have a vote on anything anymore - democracy now dead !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sutherland has indeed stated this, and in terms of our mainstream political parties we have no choice with respect to this matter. It is our task to ensure that such a choice is put before the electorate. As to how, return to this site on Friday morning for more information.

  5. Nicely knitted together, Durotrigan.

    This is surely something that most people in this country could understand, but it seems that although they keep hearing about more and more immigration and more and more 'change', they lack the attention span or have some sort of 'cognitive dissidence' over what they are being told and what it means.

    Talking of the BBC spin over the matter, I suffered this weeks Radio 2 discussion over the census results. It was on the Jeremy Vine show, which I have to listen to in the office where I work.

    Do you want to know what their avenue was on the subject?.....race-replacement? .colonisation?.. surging Islamic problems for the future?..... no. Maybe the costs?

    It was asked whether the listener "liked the hustle and bustle of busy cities" or not.

    Yes, apparently, a bonus of it all to some people could be that we have that "energy" and "excitement".

    One interview subject on the show stated that she loved how there was rushing and chaos and how she had Ethiopian cafes, Turkish restaurants, and so on and so forth all in the same block and that she could have "diversity" of lunch breaks every day.

    Mark Easton of the BBC was quick to point out - also - that we have no need to worry about the increase in numbers and "concreting over the countryside", because he has researched that only 1% of British landmass is actually built on.

    Well, thank goodness for that! We can all relax now, thanks Mark..... nothing too see here, keep calm and carry on folks, go and enjoy a coffee and a curried goat sandwich from Ethiopia...... for that! We can all relax now, thanks Mark..... nothing too see here, keep calm and carry on folks, go and enjoy a coffee and a curried goat sandwich from Ethiopia......

  6. What exactly do u suggest we do about it? Concentration camps?

  7. It would be a start Jon Smith.


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