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Monday 20 February 2012

EDL Hyde Demo Video

Why are the EDL planning to demonstrate in Hyde on Saturday 25th February? To protest against the type of violence exemplified by the racist pack attack on Daniel Stringer. However, the BBC reports that Peter Fahy of the Greater Manchester Police is considering applying to the Home Office for a banning order because: 
"We are concerned that there could be a threat to peace and order."
"The attack was an awful crime but I'm not sure we need outsiders coming in and clearly the fear is that they are just exploiting the situation."
These claims are categorically rebutted by the EDL in a statement on its website that reads:
"Our reason for demonstrating in Hyde is not to further divide communities or win support for racial politics.

"That is why we wish to make it abundantly clear that the British National Party, or any other group with a history of racial politics or racist ideas, will not be welcome at our demonstration.

"Our reason for demonstrating in Hyde is to protest about the government, the media and the Muslim community's continued inaction in the face of violent extremism and intolerance."
Unfortunately, the vicious attack on Daniel Stringer is far from being one of a kind, and only on Saturday night another incident in Greater Manchester – this time in Chadderton, Oldham – witnessed a 19-year-old white male attacked by three ‘Asian’ males. This violence, sadly, soon escalated as described below by Mancunian Matters:
The white male was reportedly assaulted and later returned with a crowd of approximately 45 from the pub. The mob were forced inside as a group of possibly around 30 Asian males threw bricks, bottles and missiles at the building, leaving windows smashed and surrounding cars severely damaged.
One member of the birthday party said: “I was having a cigarette outside before the mob attacked the pub. They smashed all the windows on one side, where children and parents were inside drinking.

“They brought bricks and other weapons. If the police hadn’t been called, the clash would have been fatal.”

The two gangs dispersed after police managed to control the disorder. Approximately 45 officers were required to dilute the situation, as several police dogs helped to separate the groups.

The trouble occurred in the Block Lane area, an area that has seen race-related crimes in the past.

A number of arrests were made by police, however the majority of the gang members were ordered to leave the area.

Oldham Police’s Chief Inspector Rob Tinsley said: “I want to reassure the community that we have also launched a full CID investigation which look into the circumstances leading up to this incident and will seek to identify possible offenders.”
A ban on the EDL march in Hyde would serve only to exacerbate the sense of anger amongst indigenous working-class people derived from a feeling that they are the victims of routine racism whilst, unjustly, being branded en masse as “racist thugs” whenever they wish to draw attention to this phenomenon. Such treatment of white working class people highlights an ugly societal dual standard, in which they are treated with more contempt and brutality than any other section of the population. Naturally, it is understandable that the police fear unrest could be a consequence of Saturday’s march, yet this will not issue from amongst the EDL, but from the falsely named “antifascists” who routinely seek violent confrontation with EDL supporters. Let the EDL march. Their cause is just. Some day, let us hope they will no longer have cause to march. Up-to-date coverage of the march will be posted on Saturday: please click here to view.

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