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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Infidels Nationalist Demonstration in Rochdale: 4 February

Whilst the EDL will be taking to the streets of Leicester this coming Saturday, the EDL splinter group Northwest Infidels is planning to mount what it is billing as a nationalist demonstration in Rochdale between 12:00 and 6:00pm. As in the case of the EDL Leicester Demo, its focus on this occasion is not upon the problems presented by Islamisation. In Leicester the cause will be justice for Rhea Page and drawing attention to anti-White racism, and in Rochdale the demo will be “against immigration, EU membership and multiculturalism.” The organisers preface their description of the event with the following:
The Infidels split from the EDL some months ago, and in this instance there appear to be links to Bolton BNP. Another Infidel protest in Leeds last October failed to attract many supporters, but as ever, a group of counter-protesters marched elsewhere in the city and thankfully the two groups did not meet. On this occasion however, an MDL Facebook page entitled ‘Counter the Racist NWI/EDL in Rochdale’ has been set up with the intent of persuading people to confront the demonstrators on Saturday. From amongst its violent and inarticulate mix of MDL supporters and sundry ‘antifa’, there have issued many unpleasant threats (unpleasant both in terms of their content and the violence that was done to the English language in their ‘writing’). One particularly vociferous although scarcely literate let alone articulate contributor goes by the name of Awais Khan. One of his marginally more ‘polite’ contributions runs as follows:
I can just about decipher that this means that he is threatening to do something disagreeable to someone whom he disagrees with. Yet, despite his illiteracy Khan does display a flicker of self-perception on his Facebook page, where he lists his primary activity as “Being a bit of a twat”. Quite.

How many will support the Northwest Infidels Demonstration? I haven’t a clue. How many of Awais Khan’s charming MDL will be out looking for trouble? Indications are that 174 claim to have pledged to ‘confront’ the Infidels, and a further 57 are said to be considering the ‘invitation’. I do hope that the police will take the necessary precautions to ensure that the MDL do not unleash violence upon the streets of Rochdale this coming Saturday. Feel free to post any accounts of what happens here.

Bizarre MDL Banner: V for Palestinian Vendetta?

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  1. By all accounts, 100-150 Infidels showed up and precisely 0(NIL as in ZERO) MDL/Antifa countered them despite the grisly warnings of extreme dentistry.
    It seems the reds and muslims don't want to know when they are pitted against, let's face it, real hardmen with a known taste for violence. Perhaps Awais Khan should rename himself Khan't.
    And Antifa, dear me. They probably did a risk assessment before shitting out. No Parmessan and all that.


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