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Sunday 26 February 2012

EDL’s Kevin Carroll: Not racist, not violent, just no longer silent

Below is a video of Kevin Carroll’s speech at yesterday’s EDL Hyde Demo. As with Tommy Robinson’s address, its content has not been reported by the media. Angry and impassioned, Carroll opens his speech by holding aloft a card displaying two pictures of Daniel Stringer-Prince: one of him before the attack, and one after: “there is, there lies, your religion of peace!”

Carroll singles out politicians and senior members of the police hierarchy as targets for his ire, accusing them of aiding the Islamification of the country. He demanded that the media start reporting Muslim “racist crimes” against white British citizens and stated that Christianity and Islam simply do not mix. Given the problems that we already have arising from having a Muslim population at only 3-4% of the total, he stated, “When we get to 10%, it’ll be too late.” Clearly, he wishes to put a break upon any further growth in the Muslim population. The first section of his speech is transcribed below, followed by a selection of quotes from later in the video.
“That was his crime, walking down a British, an English street, minding his own business to get some sweets. And that is how he ends up. Now that is outrageous. Now, if that was a Muslim 17-year-old lad, I tell you now I reckon the streets of Manchester would be burning. Right? Because there is your religion of peace. That would not be tolerated and the politicians would be queuing up, queuing up fighting each other to stand to the forefront to make press releases condemning this vile racist attack. But where are you?! Where are all the politicians?! Nowhere! Because I tell you why, if you’re the same colour as him, non-Muslim, it doesn’t matter. It does not matter! Meaning nothing because there’s no backlash from the non-Muslim community, because we are just quiet, no one complains, no one kicks off.”

“Fair play to them lads and done what they done the other day [in Rochdale] because if the politicians, if the politicians and the police hierarchy, not the boys and girls on the ground because the boys and girls on the ground do a fantastic job and we support them fully, but the police hierarchy, they’re just puppets themselves and they do Number 10’s bidding. But if they and the politicians are not going to protect our children and our women from being raped, drugged, pimped and made to look like this when they go out the house to get some sweets, then we’ll have to protect them! We will have to do it! We will have to take to the streets!” 

“So the politicians, the police hierarchy, yellow cowards all of them! Pandering to Islam, they are aiding and abetting and facilitating the Islamification of this great country.”

“If you’re not going to protect them [our women and children], then it leaves us no choice!”

“We’re not racist. We’re not violent. We’re just no longer silent.”

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