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Saturday 25 February 2012

Video of Tommy Robinson’s Hyde Speech

In his speech at today’s EDL demo in Hyde, Stephen Lennon (Tommy Robinson) laid out his thoughts on the widespread phenomenon of Muslim paedophile gangs and how the time has come to tackle them if the authorities continue to tread carefully for fear of the race card being played. Unsurprisingly, the content of the speech has not been publicised by the mainstream press or electronic media, as has proven to be the case with respect to that of the speech made by Kevin Carroll. The following quotes provide a flavour of its tenor.
“We are entering a new era. An era of counter-jihad. That’s what’s happening.”

“What happened to this boy, and what’s happening across this country is the religious persecution of non-Muslims across.”

“The reason for the attack, the reason for all the hostility, is because they are non-Muslim. It’s not racial it’s religious.”

“If you look at what is happening in our country, especially with these Muslim paedophile gangs, it is like an invading ideology; an invading ideology that’s come to our country and started raping our women and nobody is doing nothing. That’s how it seems.”

“For thirty years there has been a conspiracy of silence from police leaders to religious leaders to facilitate the rape of our kids in every single town and city that has a Muslim community. And that’s what’s happening.”

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