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Thursday 23 February 2012

Preview: ‘Proud and Prejudiced’, Channel 4 Dispatches

Channel 4 has uploaded a taster of Monday evening’s documentary on “extremism” in Luton (see video at the foot of this article), in which Dispatches spent a year investigating and filming the activities, personalities and views of the town’s militant Islamists, such as Sayful Islam, and their opponents in the EDL led by Stephen Lennon (Tommy Robinson). The documentary is said to feature footage in which Islam punched Lennon in the face as he unwound his car window to speak to him.

The clip itself opens with a shot of a meeting of the local council’s committee on promoting cohesion in the town, swiftly followed by comments from Sarah Allen, Luton’s Cohesion Officer:
“We’re in a time of recession. We know that in a recession, those sorts of ideas – scapegoating, racism can increase.”
In this statement, Allen displays the characteristic non-thinking ‘analysis’ trotted out by anyone on the Left who is either unwilling or unable to grant any sort of autonomy to cultural phenomena. The EDL did not arise as a response to a downturn in the economy, and it has not sought to scapegoat Muslims for our economic plight. It arose because of a specific problem with Islamism within our shores – the desire of a section of the UK passport-holding Muslim population to Islamise our society, and to live by the norms and social practices of their ancestral familial homelands. The phenomenon of Muslim paedophile grooming – of which the current trial in Liverpool provides but the latest example – is part of this unbidden and unwelcome imported cultural assemblage.

Allen remarked of the emergence of the EDL:
“I think it just happened and it struck a chord, and that is not to be denied or to be ignored; but I don’t think it is because of something to do with this town.”
She is correct in thinking that the rise of the EDL is not specific to Luton, for the problems suffered by this town as a by-product of its Islamisation are painfully familiar to English residents of other towns and cities such as Rochdale, Keighley, Bradford, Derby, Blackpool, Rotherham, Dewsbury and Sheffield. The first five in the list have all have borne witness to ugly and significant cases of Muslim paedophile grooming of white English girls. This however, is not something that Allen is aware of, or seems to wish to be aware of. Those who support the EDL, Casuals United and various other nationalist groups and parties are painfully aware of the existence of this criminal problem. Muslim paedophile grooming has nothing to do with recession, and everything to do with the example of the 53-year-old paedophile Prophet Mohammed and the consummation of his marriage to his six-year-old bride Aisha at the age of nine.

Commenting on “Luton in Harmony” Allen stated that it:
“is not a political campaign. It is a media, if you like, a branding concept. Our intention is to undermine those hateful messages and to promote the unity that we know exists in our town.”
Well, a true “Luton in Harmony” could exist if those troublesome elements that insist upon wishing to live their lives by Shariah were to be deported to their ancestral familial homelands where they could indeed do so. Unless that happens, there will be no harmony in Luton or anywhere else in England where Islamist fanatics agitate for our downfall and the imposition of Islamic law and governance.

The programme’s executive producer Paul Woolwich told Luton Today:
“Both men [Stephen Lennon and Sayful Islam] have valid comments to make, and it’s a debate that at some stage will need to be had”.

“We have to try and find ways of engaging with what they are saying.”
As predicted, it would thus seem that this latest documentary in Channel 4’s Dispatches series, that has produced some excellent exposés over the years, has chosen to portray the EDL and Islamists as being of the same ilk, with a “plague on both their houses” attitude. Channel 4’s intent seems to be to denounce both parties with a view to propping up an increasingly creaky and worm-eaten concept to which it is ideologically wedded: multiculturalism. Multiculturalism has had its day. It has failed. That, rather than any editorial voiceover, will be the real message of Monday’s episode of Dispatches. A full review of the programme can be read by clicking here.


  1. what amisguided women the EDL was not formed by the crisis wake up women ,where do you live neverland or mickeymouse town

    1. Yes, she's quite clueless; her critical faculties rendered inoperative by her embrace of multiculturalist cultural relativism.

  2. Quite worrying program as I found myself agreeing with Tommy for the first half of it until he went on about the 7/7 attacks.

    I agree Islamic extremism is very frighting but I don't believe have a mod squad of EDL supporters or voting BNP is a way to resolve this but you need a party though which will do something about this.

    This is happening all across Europe for example Denmark is quite scary. Seriously visit Copenhagen; there is a serious us and them thing going on - it's a powder keg of a situation where the press describe Muslims as "New Danes" as to try and encourage integration.

    None of the major 3 parties seem to want to try and deal with these concerns. I think we should follow the French and ban the burka in public places. If you were in a bank working behind the counter how would you react to a person in a motorcycle helmet or balaclava? So why is it acceptable to wear the burka in public?

    Just my 2 pence worth.

  3. The idiot woman is exactly the problem with those in positions to change hate campaigning. Islamic extremism is out of control and we are second class, vulnerable british born subjects, Prosecuting hate mongers should include the leader of the muslim fundamentalists, the men outside a bus stop with signs saying "British Police go to HELL. If i , as a white british tax paying citizen, went down to Sainsbury's, stood outside and held that sign aloft..I would be arrested with no defence or leaway. I would be charged, in court and labelled an extreme racist and or terrorist. The problem with our societal values is not just the islamist, its the government, the police as their bitches, and the councils sitting coining my taxes so they can talk absolute blind ignorance on national TV. Down with those half wit sleeping town hall lackies.


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