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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Tommy Robinson assaulted by Sayful Islam

In the following video, Tommy Robinson/Stephen Lennon drives a reporter around his home town of Luton, taking him through the town’s Islamic enclave. There they encounter local Islamist Sayful Islam who recognises Robinson and approaches the car to repeatedly call Robinson a ‘racist’ before hitting him in the face. It would behove Jeremy Paxman to witness this ugly reality, given his condescending refusal to recognise the genuine problem that exists with Islamisation in England today. Paxman’s BBC colleague John Humphreys visited Luton relatively recently to interview both Robinson and Islam. At the end of his report he seemed to be on the verge of recognising that the EDL might be articulating genuine concerns, but ultimately the report was equivocal. What would he make of this recent encounter between the two men?


  1. Watched this a few days ago. I hope Tommy seeks prosecution, there is definitely enough evidence in the clip to convict Islam of assault. Hope the somewhat convenient chance encounter wasn't set up by the team doing the interview. The religion of peace my backside.

  2. I think you're right Cygnus: Tommy ought to seek prosecution. It seems to be a pretty open and shut case to me. As for whether or not the encounter was by chance or otherwise, let's just hope that it was the former. At least the real character of Luton's Sayful Islam has been caught on video for all to see.

  3. interesting that the home office has figures for numbers of EDL supporters arrested, but none for UAF.
    i wonder why.

    Humphreys, on his radio 4 prog, stated that perhaps the EDL was the englishness defence league, which sounds like an endorsment to me.

  4. Yes Bilbo, that disparity in the collection or, more likely, reporting of figures relating to the two is rather telling.

    It is true what you say with respect to the closing remarks made by Humphreys. This is why I thought that he was on the cusp of acknowledging the legitimate concerns of the EDL, but his report nonetheless recoiled from condemning Islamisation in Luton. Perhaps deep down he recognises the reality, but was unable to publicly articulate this owing to NUJ guidelines.

  5. Why hasnt Tommy Robinson Prosecuted this violent Asian thug ?

  6. If this isn't stopped ...we will all be receiving a slap from Islam. Every Islamic country is a mess...boot them and their ideas out of the UK.


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