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Sunday, 20 November 2011

EU Diktat: open your borders to mass Arab Immigration

A report in the Daily Express highlights that moves are afoot to increase and intensify immigration from outside of the EU, with particular reference to North Africa and Asia. The EU peddles the lie that this immigration is essential for “prosperity” and that “migrant-centred” policies must therefore be tailored to “facilitate and organise legal immigration”. This will of course lead to the increased marginalisation of our own people in the labour and housing markets, and rather than leading to prosperity, is more likely to lead to economic and social collapse and a potential Yugoslav-style denouement.

Why are the leaders of the EU so anti-European? Why do they despise native Europeans so much? A deliberate plan exists to effectively replace the European peoples with Afro-Asiatic, particularly Muslim, immigrants. This is no wild-eyed conspiracy theory, for this intention is well-attested to and publicly documented in sources that you can access, and the overarching plan goes by the name of Euromed. Details of this plan, backed by the International Organization for Migration, can be found here.

The political upheaval in the Arab world provides EU policy makers with the pretext that they require to accelerate the Euromed process, and the surge of culturally hostile and resentful immigrants into Europe via Lampedusa that we have witnessed this year, will be as nothing to the human deluge to come. These immigrants are but the precursors of the mass settlement of our countries by the predominantly Muslim peoples of North Africa and the Middle East. 

The video below illustrates the sort of cultural work that Euromed advocates: the promotion of Islam to indigenous Europeans from the cradle to the grave. The sight of innocent German children in a kindergarten being subjected to Islamic propaganda in this video is frankly nauseating. They are being psychologically softened up for cultural and biological disinheritance in their own land. This could be said to be tantamount to child abuse and genocide by stealth. What can be done to stop this? 

Euromed: Arab Spring, European Winter


  1. The sooner the corrupt EU comes crashing down the better.

  2. Labour's secret policy to Islamize Britain is no secret any longer:

  3. In Europe Islam is spreading all over,like in Africa and Asia. Corrupted elites are supporting islamization. On the Balkan Albania is an islamic ruled country, the majority of peoples in Bosnia are mohammedans(former Serbs and Croatians: So-called "Bosniaks")and Kosovo is a mafiotic state ruled by islamic invaders now.
    In Russia,the southern territories mohammedanism is spreading. The islamic pest is infecting all.Bigger cities are ruled by informal criminal islamic gangsters. Sharia is already implemented into Britain law system.The Kalmyk people,old buddhist people of Europe, who lives in the northern region of Caspian See, feel the islamization too.
    US -elites can destroy Europe by islamization OR they are abolishing mohammedanism and replace the orientalism by Western Codex of Salvation.New Frontier!They have the choice.
    Other energy policy is necessary.No Oil based energy production anymore. Geothermal energy,formid acid fuel cells,solar technology, plus-energy house standards.
    Birth rate has to be improved. So we have to enforce abortion-laws similar to Ireland.Prostitution has to be prohibited,similar to Ireland or some US-States,at least Swedish laws!!!
    Educational reform should be implemented integrated into school system:Two occupations should be learned(a handcraft in combination with office administration help,or a caring profession in combination with office administration help).Master for handcraft professions too.Life long learning and schooling should be integrated into working world.(so it should be possible for a nurses to study medicine integrated into the normal occupation in 5,10 or 15 years).
    Improved militia system,like in Switzerland and Israel.Official duty like in Finland.For women too.

  4. To your map: Croatia,Slovenia,Macedonia and Montenegro isn't islamized!And in Bosnia only the centre regions are islamized.
    Kosovo is islamized.(but only by pro-islamic forces).

  5. 'Arab Spring. European Winter.'
    This phrase should become viral. As should your work on this subject. Work permitting, I'll do my bit.

    Hebburn Lad.

  6. Excellent post - and I agree subjecting children to Islam (or should I say subjugating children to Islam) is 100% child abuse.

  7. The next decade will see a massive flood of refugees coming across the Mediterranean from Northern Africa as the disintegration of the states there accelerates. The "Arab Spring" uprisings are only the beginning, and the changes they brought about are only going to hasten the disintegration.

    The Euro Nancies see this crisis coming - they're not stupid - and they are desperate for a solution which doesn't actually involve growing a spine and physically blocking the flood.

    So, to them, the "obvious" solution is to soften up their own population with blatant "it's not so bad, you'll learn to live with it" propaganda about Islam.


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