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Thursday 10 November 2011

Speech by Paul Weston, British Freedom Party Chairman

The following speech by Paul Weston delivered in Amsterdam last autumn in his capacity as a representative of the International Free Press Society, deals with the themes of free speech, Islamisation and the ethnocide of indigenous Europeans. Below the speech I have reproduced the text of today's official press release re Weston’s assumption of the role of Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

Paul Weston has taken over the role of Chairman of the British Freedom Party (British Freedom) with immediate effect from 10th November 2011.

Paul has written a number of articles over the last few years which were published at the Gates of Vienna website. Topics covered included Islam, Multiculturalism, Liberalism and the general betrayal of Great Britain by its political class and mainstream media.

A recent survey suggested a majority of people would vote for a party that speaks out in defence of the country, but does not carry any historical baggage associated with parties such as the BNP.
British Freedom intends to be an all- encompassing political party rather than a single issue vehicle. It will of course speak openly about the threat of Islam, something no mainstream party – including UKIP – is prepared to do.

British Freedom intends to exploit this gap in the current political landscape. We will calmly and rationally discuss the precarious long-term position in which Great Britain finds herself. We have no time for racism or bigotry, and no time for anything other than civilised discourse.
Among other things, British Freedom believes:
    • There is little sustainable in Britain, particularly so in England.
    • Our elderly have been betrayed.
    • The middle classes have been utilised as cash cows to fund a bloated welfare state.
    • The working class has been placed in direct competition with immigrants prepared to work for a wage that cannot possibly finance a normal family life.
    • The young have been propagandised and brainwashed, while sadly remaining uneducated.
    • Our economy has been debauched.
    • Crime is out of control and must be seriously tackled.
    • Our Sovereignty has been undemocratically stripped from us.
The long term problems are formidable, but they must be faced. Career politicians care little about the Britain of 2050, or even 2025, preferring instead to concentrate on their re-election chances in four years’ time.
British Freedom will address our current problems, with a view to creating a safe, just, decent and peaceful country for our children and grandchildren. We will also take a long- term view rather than a short-term careerist view. We are certain that these positions will resonate with a public that has been increasingly marginalised by the main parties.


  1. The Freedom Party of Ontario and the Freedom Party of Canada seem to be the same group of people. A while ago, I was asked if they are affilliated with the British or any of the other Freedom parties.

    I did email the leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario/Canada asking this question about a week before our Ontario election (last month)...and never heard a word back. Not a peep. This makes me sad.

    So, let me reverse the question: is the British Freedom Party in any way affiliated with the Ontario/Canada one?

  2. Interesting to see the new team taking over at BFP. This gives people interested in seeing a right wing option which isn't UKIP something they can support (my main objections to UKIP - I was a Branch officer for 6 years - are Farage, internal corruption, Farage, lack of non EU policies, Farage, lack of support for candidates in non EU Elections and Farage).

    I had a long phone call with Peter Mullins last night. He always made clear he was only a caretaker chairman and he has handled that role very well. The claims being made in some quarters that the new leadership at BFP is some sort of Zionist coup are hilarious and sound like the rantings of Nick Griffin after losing yet another court case.

    I have sent an e-mail to Paul Weston and am looking forward to his reply. From what I have seen so far he looks competent, has clearly identified the problems that BFP should be campaigning against, and has potential support from a good spectrum of websites and backers.

    Ivan Winters
    Democratic Nationalist

  3. Hello Xanthippa. Interesting question. So far as I am aware, the British Freedom Party is not affiliated with the Freedom Party of Ontario/Canada. Whether they become so in the future will depend upon how compatible their ideologies are. What are your thoughts on this?

  4. Hello Ivan. I'm encouraged to see that you're looking afresh at British Freedom under Paul Weston's chairmanship. He does have some excellent links which should hopefully enable the party to take off, and the policy mix should, I think, exert considerable appeal.

    Like you, I've seen quite a few bizarre claims that the BFP is a Zionist front organisation, which are palpably ludicrous. Nonetheless, those making these ridiculous allegations are in my opinion doing the party much good, for by revealing their obsession with this theme, the BFP can hardly be tarred as being both 'Zionist' and 'Fascist', neither of which it is of course.

    Keep me posted re any response you receive to your email. I'm sure that your approach will be positively received given your experience and political position.

  5. It will be intersting to see how BFP evolves under the new leadership - and what the Freedom Party here will do.

    Writing from Canada, I am not that familiar with your cultural atmosphere, but here, when someone is called a 'Zionist', it means that they are opposed to political Islam - whatever their position is on Israels.

    The term is most often applied by cultural Marxists and political Islamists and has largely lost its meaning beyond being a 'name' they call people who want laws to apply equally to all citizens, regardless of their race or religion. As such, it has lost its meaning outside the groups that fling it about.

    Being called 'Fascist' - that is potentially actionable.

    But being called a 'Zionist' should not be considered 'being tarred' - it simply means that one supports the right of Israel to exist. As the UK is part of a number of organizations of which Israel is a sister member, recognizing its right to exist ought to be the default position, should it not?


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