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Monday, 21 November 2011

EDL slandered by Unions

The Guardian’s publication last Saturday of allegations made by a number of trade unions about the EDL was nothing short of slanderous; a piece of baseless malicious black propaganda; ideologically motivated, and indicative of a fear of the appeal of a genuine grassroots working-class movement that has come of age. As neither the Guardian nor the trade unions wish to acknowledge and confront the ugly reality underpinning the necessary rise of the EDL, they resort not to debate, but to defamation. Thus it was that the paper ran an article using slurs fed to it by Unite, Unison and the TUC, in which it claimed that the EDL was looking to broaden “out their attacks to focus on leftwing organisations” and to seek to target “striking public sector workers” on 30 November.

What evidence have they of this assertion? I see none; I know of none. Who would benefit from the threat of such a deeply stupid action? Not the EDL. The unions? Of course! It gives them a mythical bogeyman to fight; the phantom of a non-existent ‘far-right’ in their parlance; how cosy and warm it makes them feel to be united in their struggle against ‘fascism’. The EDL, ladies and gentlemen of the trades union movement, wishes to draw your attention to Islamisation and its unbidden ‘gifts’ to this country and its people. Will you not open your eyes and your ears to this admittedly highly disagreeable reality? Must you forever let dogma render you incapable of reason?

It is interesting, is it not, that the Guardian and the trades unions should adopt this tack on the day that the EDL announced that it would be collaborating with the British Freedom Party, in pursuit of a popular democratic political solution to the problem of Islamisation? That such a fevered denunciatory text should have been published at this juncture, underscores their fear that the edifice of multiculturalism will come tumbling down. It brings to mind Metternich’s quote concerning the Austrian Empire:  
‘My realm resembles a worm-eaten house. If one part is removed, one can never tell how much will fall.’

The EDL is evolving, and will be acting in a much more focused and intelligent manner in future. In this change of tactics, and its endorsement of British Freedom, there lies hope for a genuine breakthrough, and ultimately, success. When the Independent Labour Party emerged in tandem with the fledgling trades union movement, these two represented the genuine concerns and interests of England’s working class, but today, history points us in a different direction. Now, it is the British Freedom Party in tandem with the English Defence League, which is in tune with and articulates the concerns of the English working class. This is why the trades union movement has stooped so low as to engage in defamation.

Over the past few days, the number of British Freedom’s Facebook followers has increased by more than 700. The English Democrats have failed to gain that number of additional followers over six months. Which of these therefore, would you adjudge to be en route to emerging as our much-needed credible moderate nationalist party? I know where I’m putting my money.


  1. The unions fund and organise the UAF - hardly shrinking violets on the street, especially when collaborating with local Islamist Yoof. If they were to become targets, then frankly it is understandable (although I'm sure its black propaganda). The unions are run by New Labour champagne socialists for the most part, and stopped representing the working class years ago. They have no comment on out of control immigration - jobs, housing, services denied to the British born (thats all British, not just whites). They would rather get in bed with Islmofascists than even attempt dialogue with British working class concerned about their communities. An example of a recent union get together, the kind of issues they waste time on:

  2. as a member of Unite and an EDL supporter, i feel justified in saying that the unions are bastardised beurocracies that, in reality, care little for their members and all about themselves.
    fat pensions, grand offices, all expenses paid and politicaly correct.
    they care nothing and say nothing about the loss of jobs, housing and health care for british people, let alone the cost of keeping and feeding people who, not only have no intention of contributing to society, but actualy want to destroy that society.

  3. Durotrigan

    It is worth noting that the main 3 three parties are now keen to legislate for taxpayer funding of the three parties. Their fear is that either the BNP, or EDL and BFP, could upset the stranglehold they have had on the UK. The whole strategy is to lock out any other party with a different viewpoint.

    If they get away with this conspiracy against the people, then I fear a particularly violent revolution.

    I hope Paul Weston as well as UKIP, are aware of these developments.

  4. Thanks for the link 'Anonymous'. As your linked video nicely illustrates, those within the trades union hierarchy often spend their time debating matters and promoting causes that have nothing to do with protecting and promoting the terms and conditions of rank and file members in the workplace.

  5. I agree with you Bilbo that there are many careerists within the trades union movement who use the goodwill and money of their members to feather their own nests, as well as to support dodgy causes - UAF being the most prominent example - that are actually detrimental to members' interests.

  6. Yes DP111, I spotted this move by the three largest political parties to secure taxpayer funding for themselves whilst presumably seeking to choke off the potential for growth amongst smaller challengers such as the British Freedom Party. It's a disgraceful suggestion, but one that has been mooted for a while, so I wasn't surprised to see it floated again.


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