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Saturday, 19 November 2011

EDL declares support for British Freedom

A week is a long time in politics, and my recent piece stating that Tommy Robinson was to leave the EDL for British Freedom turned out to be incorrect. In fact, what was announced at today’s gathering of leading members of the EDL in Birmingham proved to be even more interesting than anticipated: the EDL is to lend its support to the British Freedom Party. This modus operandi is in line with what I recommended earlier this year, and should enable EDL supporters to gain an effective political voice. The British Freedom site reports that Robinson will not join the party for now, but may elect to do so in future. Moreover:

This last point is crucial, for the English working class have until now found themselves without a champion, as the Labour Party abandoned them many years ago in favour of promoting the interests of ethnic minorities and stigmatising many ordinary and rational concerns of working class people as ‘racist’, simply because they wished to protect their jobs and their right to affordable housing. 

The EDL will be refocusing its efforts in the New Year, following a much more tightly targeted and focused political agenda. This new approach is to be welcomed, as it represents a constructive move by the group that is likely to yield dividends.


  1. Great..Hope they win the next election..Time's a wastin'..

  2. Go EDL & BFP! Rule Britannia!
    The murky fog of PC appeasement is shattered by two piercing rays of light dispersing the menacing shadows that threaten to stifle the nation!

  3. "this is an opportunity for EDL members to move over to BF "

    not sure i like the sound of this...........

  4. Its a good start, and one that I was hoping for since Paul Weston became chairman of the BFP.

  5. Excellent news. You can photos of the meeting at

  6. Any group that will spur what was once and can be again a great nation
    is cause for us here in the USA to fall to our collective knees and sing a Te Deum at the top of our lungs. Go EDL, Go British Freedom Party ! If its for Britain and its infidel populace We The People are pulling for you. Up the
    infidel !

  7. I hope the best and pray for all of you. Continue to unite and franchise with those who can be trusted and you can and will will.

  8. At last, a breath of fresh air.
    We can achieve strength through co-operation and unity - Well done to all those responsible for this allegiance.


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