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Monday 6 September 2010

Thilo Sarrazin versus Angela Merkel: Who’s Right?

Following the furore ignited by Thilo Sarrazin’s publication of his book Germany Abolishes Itself (Deutschland schafft sich ab), German Chancellor Angela Merkel has acknowledged in an interview with Bild am Sonntag that statistics show that young Muslims in Germany tend to be more violent than the rest of the population. However, this recognition was mealy-mouthed and thus fell back upon the fallacious politically correct assertion that this violence was fuelled by a lack of opportunity and poor education within Germany’s Muslim population. According to Deutsche Welle, Merkel stated:

This is a big problem and we can talk about it openly, without arousing suspicions of xenophobia.
Violence among young people is often a sign that they see no perspective for themselves. All that helps is education, education, education.
Our state is making many offers, but the main responsibility lies with the parents, and cannot be taken on by schools or the state.
Merkel is attempting to bury the problem. Unfortunately, it will refuse to remain buried and rise like the undead to continue to suck the lifeblood from German society.

Thilo Sarrazin has done nothing more in his book than be honest about the Muslim problem in Germany and to baldly state the facts with respect to the genetic distinctiveness of Basques and Jews. From the way that the global media has reacted you would have thought that Sarrazin had claimed that Basques and Jews were Untermenschen, which, thankfully, he most certainly has not. The Sydney Morning Herald ran a hysterical report on Sarrazin entitled ‘A creepy banker fleshes out the modern fascist’ in which he was compared to Dr Strangelove. A man calmly points out that his country is being dragged down and taken over by violent Muslim colonists and yet he is the one accused of being a Nazi. Incredible!

The German Establishment is turning on Sarrazin, although the Chairman of the SPD Sigmar Gabriel has conceded that ‘I think we are experiencing much of what he is describing in (the book). There is no question.’ Reuters reports that the Bundesbank board has stated that Sarrazin’s comments had ‘hurt the image of the Bundesbank.’ It claimed that ‘Discrimination had no place at the bank.’ Furthermore, Merkel had ‘urged the central bank to act.’ The implication is that Merkel would like to see Sarrazin removed from the executive board of the Bundesbank. Such a move would however be subject to a legal challenge, as Sarrazin has pointed out that it could ‘only remove him for serious misconduct.’

By pointing out that Muslim citizens are a net economic drain on Germany, that they resist integration and are more prone to commit acts of violence Sarrazin has done nothing more than his public duty. He is justified in stating "I don't want us to end up as strangers in our own land, not even on a regional basis." Who could object to that? Alas, the numbers who do are legion: those brainwashed by the politically correct ideology of multiculturalism.

As the Tundra Tabloids points out, Nicolai Sennels, a Danish psychologist who for a number of years worked to try and rehabilitate Muslim youth offenders came to the conclusion that they were simply unreformable because they possessed a radically different mentality to native Danes. He became disillusioned with his work and wrote a book on his experience and thus incurred the condescending wrath of the politically correct. It is worth quoting Sennels at length, for his characterisation of the Islamic problem in Europe is, I think, factually correct:

We are in the historical embarrassing situation that we have invited millions of people to our continent that do not want to integrate and are also not able to. Since the integration of Muslims will never happen – a fact I think that has already been proven years ago – we will end up with a significant part of our population that are actively working to Islamize our societies. There exist both Muslims and non-Muslims that see this Islamization as Islamic jihad – but it is more than that: it is human nature. People who do not feel at home where they live will naturally strive to change their surroundings. Muslims attempts to Islamize our societies have just begun — as they are feeling stronger and stronger in power and numbers. This process is pushed forward by Muslim leaders inside and outside Europe and helped on its way by a kind of collective cowardice called Political Correctness.
The concerns articulated by Sennels and Sarrazin are widely shared by ordinary members of the public across Europe who have had direct experience of the negative impact of Islamisation. Currently, Geert Wilders is the most obvious and successful political manifestation of this concern, but the question is: will more political figures make the personally perilous transition from political to factual correctness in speaking about the Islamic issue in our societies? We are still a long way from a political tipping point where this could become possible, but it seems that the ugly reality of the Islamic colonisation of European societies may finally be dawning upon some of the members of our political elites who can afford to insulate themselves from the negative impact of this process. Nonetheless, although Germany's political elite may be embarrassed by Sarrazin's views, his opinions certainly possess some traction with the German electorate, with an opinion poll conducted last Saturday indicating that 18% of respondents would vote for a party led by Sarrazin.

Unfortunately I fear that those who are ideologically committed to multiculturalism may never awaken to Islam’s dangers, no matter what horrors the future may hold for us. According to a recent report in Deutsche Welle, a 36 year-old German-born Islamist named Ahmed S from Hamburg was captured in Afghanistan in early July and ‘has warned of possible terrorist attacks in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.’ He had joined the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) and was linked to Hamburg’s recently closed Taiba mosque which served as the meeting place for the 9/11 terrorists. This information was extracted following interrogation by the Americans. Hopefully, any such plans (if they prove to be real) will be disrupted, but even if the tactics of violent jihad should fail, Germany’s current policies run a strong risk of allowing demographic jihad to succeed. This is why Sarrazin’s book should be welcomed rather than reviled.



    " Nicolai Sennels

    Massive inbreeding within the Muslim culture during the last 1.400 years may have done catastrophic damage to their gene pool. The consequences of intermarriage between first cousins often have serious impact on the intelligence, sanity, and health of their offspring, and on their surroundings....snip"

    nuf said..

  2. It all seems so very 1930s with a Biblical swap of the target! As the Bilderbergers screwed us all then, so, via The EUSSR, do they repeat those same mistakes.

  3. Thanks for the link Anonymous. I'll look it up. There's plenty of evidence of the negative impact of first-cousin marriage amongst the Pakistani population of Bradford.

  4. Thanks for dropping in Oldrightie. Just as a point of clarification: whereas Christians do incorporate Judaism in the form of the Old Testament in their Bible, Muslims reject both the Torah and the Bible. The Qur'an is a completely separate text which does not incorporate any of the Jewish or Christian scriptures other than in a purely emulative fashion, much as a Mills and Boon writer might take Wuthering Heights as a template for a piece of hack fiction but not incorporate the text of the original.

    As for Muslims being substituted for Jews, I find this a rather glib and indeed dangerous comparison. Anti-Semitism is indeed on the rise in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, and you’ll find that the majority of anti-Semitic incidents are perpetrated by Muslims. Furthermore, I am not aware of the Rushdie Affair, 7/7, 9/11 or mass indigenous flight from British cities and towns with a large Muslim population as having been generated by the current economic depression.

    As for the Bilderbergers, they didn’t come into existence until 1954. Some claim they had Nazi roots, which is perhaps on a level with claiming that NASA had Nazi roots because Wernher von Braun was pivotal in designing their rocketry during the golden age of the Space Race. I know that the Albanian King Zog was real, but as for the other ZOG, well . . . What’s your opinion?

    I’m neither a fan of the Bilderbergers nor the EU, but Tours/Poitiers, the fall of Constantinople, Mohacs, Lepanto, the two sieges of Vienna and countless other examples of Muslim military expansionism and conquest bear all the testimony I need to define Islam as a constant and vicious ideological foe. Its central texts back this conclusion, as do the actions and rhetoric of its adherents. Western European societies all suffer from an Islamic colonisation and a common set of problems irrespective of the particular geographic origins of their Muslim populations. Meet and speak to people who have had first-hand experience of living next to our pullulating Muslim colonies and you will learn something that will soon erase any misapprehensions that you may possess with respect to this putative ‘Muslim menace’ as being something conjured up by shadowy Zionist puppeteers. If you are a resident of a comfortable part of rural England, you can be forgiven your ignorance, but you won’t be able to hide from the real phenomenon of Islamisation forever.

  5. Great article, and great comments. Nice work.

    I have admittedly become a bit jaded and tired with the Islamic aspect for quite some time, because I tend to see the threat it poses a bit differently to a lot of other nationalists, especially the recent spate of "Patriots" - ie the ones who are not really "Nationalists" and only have a bee in their bonnet about "terrorism" and making sure they "doing as the Romans do" etc.... (The latter gluttony has made me turn off from it all somewhat)

    ...and also because I have also had no choice but to recognise more things going on -things that I once did not really "want" to recognise, things I used to side-step or rebuke people for about 10 years ago.

    However, the little "Sunnels" quote in the article is much more along the way I see it taking shape and no matter what else is going on or what may be driving it, I will always rail against the Islamification of this country and it's eventual desires for the rest of Europe and the Occident.

    It is a complex web that has been woven, and I admit I have lost faith in this country ever being able to unravel it and thus rescue itself from both of their clutches.

    We have little choice though but to plod on regardless and hope events take a turn for the better.


  6. Hi BA. I concur that the Islamist terror threat is rather minor compared to the more dangerous stealth jihad represented by changing national demographies. Indeed, this is but one facet of the problem that we face, albeit the most acute and pressing one. This situation has of course been engineered and facilitated by our political and cultural elites and is a by-product of the twin ideologies of globalism and multiculturalism. As Sennels discovered, trying to change the mindset of doctrinaire Muslims is about as easy as trying to stop dogs from barking: if you don’t like dogs, don’t let them into your house.

    The only effective way to fight Islamisation is through the reassertion of nationalism across the Western world, according the right of political self-determination to the indigenous peoples of Europe. It is our birthright to determine our own national futures and to control our borders; this is the essence of true national democracy.

    You will have noted that of late I have desisted from writing about practical nationalist politics in the UK, and this, as you may have guessed, arises from some serious misgivings about the current state of a certain party. I’ll say no more at this stage for I do not wish to pour oil onto the fire, but you know precisely where I stand with respect to this owing to my pieces written earlier this year outlining what I consider essential to make the party credible and electable. As matters stand, I see the incumbent leadership taking it in the opposite direction for no good reason, which vexes me greatly, for its current course takes it back into the political wasteland.


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