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Sunday 19 September 2010

Halal Britain: Islam’s Subversion of Animal Welfare in the UK

The Mail on Sunday has revealed the shocking extent to which catering in the UK has become Islamised. It transpires that not only do Muslims get the halal meat and poultry that they desire, but that it is also being sold to unsuspecting non-Muslim consumers who would rightly object to the manner in which these animals were slaughtered. Strangely, one of the biggest culprits in selling halal meat to unsuspecting customers is the brewer Whitbread! Apparently, more than three-quarters of its poultry sold via its Beefeater and Brewers Fayre outlets turns out to be halal. The Mail quotes a Whitbread spokesman as saying:
We don’t specify halal as a requirement in our procurement. We base our decision on quality and price. It just turns out that we source that amount of chicken from suppliers that happen to be halal. It is not mentioned on any of our menus because we don’t think there is customer demand for that information. But if people started asking, then we would definitely provide it. 
Well, that’s yet another company that joins my list to boycott along with KFC and Asda because of their halal compliant policies. Will you join me? It is scandalous that our advanced norms of animal welfare are being undermined by the practise of barbarous dark-age religious codes for which the Government (whichever mainstream party it is drawn from) makes special exemption for them. It is galling and utterly irrational that special exemption to animal welfare standards should be granted to religious slaughter that incurs needless additional suffering to animals. Halal slaughter should be banned in the UK, as should the importation of halal meat and poultry. If Muslims see the consumption of halal produce as integral to their way of life they can quite easily up sticks and make their home in another country where these backward practices are an accepted societal norm.

Other organisations that owned up to serving halal meat and poultry to unsuspecting non-Muslims included:

· All Bar One
· Ascot Racecourse
· Cheltenham College
· Guy’s Hospital
· Harvester
· Marlborough College
· Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust
· St Thomas’ Hospital
· Toby Carvery
· Wembley Stadium

We need to ban halal slaughter in the UK, but until this ban becomes a reality, I urge you to write to all organisations that force halal food upon their customers and clients demanding that they stop doing so. Wherever possible, boycott any business that sells halal food and find an alternative supplier. Islamisation has gone too far and it must be rolled back. Say no to the Islamisation of Britain. Say no to the Islamisation of Europe. Say no to halal produce. Say goodbye to unnecessary cruelty.

There are a number of campaigns to ban halal slaughter in the UK. If you would like to get involved, the following links are useful:

· Facebook British Anti Halal Campaign
· For vegetarians there is the Viva Campaign against Ritual Slaughter
· British Humanist Association’s Campaign against Ritual Slaughter


  1. I strongly agree with the above comments. Halal food should not be forced upon customers.

  2. I also agree! Halal meat (as well as Kosher meat) should be outlawed. I consider myself to be a libertarian, but one thing I do not believe is an inalienable right, is the torture of animals.

  3. I was just saying to somebody else, that the business model for the "growth markets" of Halal is really something that big business admits it wants to get in on - let alone the alleged "cheapness" factor excuse of current consumers to the marketplace.

    These people are not daft, they know what the future trends are going to be and they are setting their plans out accordingly. They don't care, they are just about making money and keeping in business.

    The future trends of indigenous (conscious and principled) people are not viable for them as business models, so they will cater for the new trends and "tap into" those new emerging markets.

    I can tell you now that my town is already 32% Asian Muslim, and now that this news has been released (something which Nationalists have said for a long time but were told be "scaremongers" and "racists", but even we had no idea it went this deep already!) if you have a conscience it will mean not socialising with your friends and not being able to have celebratory meals out with your family.

    Naturally, all Indian restaurants are going to be Halal, just like all fast food Asian places are. Subway is suspect, as is the Nando's chain of restaurants who have halal approved outlets - ie, can you really see them having seperate suppliers and deliveries to the non-halal authenticated outlets!?!! I think not.

    Now, seeing as I cannot even use McDonalds or KFC (because of their globalist uniformity credentials amongst other things), or any of the above....just what are we supposed to do?.

    We cannot even go to a country pub which might be in the middle of nowhere (and be in a chain listed above) and be safe from eating this crap!!!!

    Officially, Muslims are only about 2% of the population. They themselves say they are about 4%.

    Now, either both of these values are bullshit, or we have to contemplate what kind of marketing power they will be yielding for the likes of Whitbread supply chain when they DO actually reach 10%. It is bad enough now!

    My choice around here is essentially total isolation and never eating out ever again.

    If I do go out, I will have to be forced to be ordering the vegetarian option and begrudgingly funding these establishments who ride roughshod over this country for a profit.

    I am extremely angry about this. Especially seeing as I chose these types of places and went out of my way especially to avoid the risks of eating Halal produce!! I have been eating at Brewers Fayre and such places. I have thus been eating Halal food.

    You know what will happen though.....the same thing that's happened for the last 10 years, last 20 years, last 30 years......

    .....a resounding F*** ALL.

    People will just plod on regardless. Next week, or even tomorrow, it will be like people were never even told.

    I'm off to quietly seethe in the corner.

    Catch you later.

  4. I'm a strict vegetarian, so maybe some would say this doesn't affect me. But i'm disgusted that meat sourced from this barbaric process is being fed to people who have no knowledge of what they are actually eating. Look, its not complicated. If an animal is slaughtered in this way its suffering is appalling. These companies are saying its a price point issue? I will not frequent any of these establishments while this current policy is in place. The 'ok' list of companies is getting shorter and shorter isn't it? That cant be right. This acceptance by stealth has to stop. Cygnus.

  5. Hello everyone. Thanks for all of the supportive comments. UBN, I'm with you in terms of libertarianism: what adults do with their own bodies is up to them. Having said that, if we are to raise animals for meat, we should treat them with a degree of respect and ensure that no more suffering than absolutely necessary is experienced by them during the slaughter process. Personally, I'm also against factory farming and only eat free-range meat and poultry. It’s more expensive so I end up eating less of it, but I’d rather not put a creature through a miserable short existence for the sake of my pocket.

    BA, I share your suspicions that the Muslim market is larger than official statistics would suggest. Like you, I too am finding it a real pain trying to avoid the increasing number of halal businesses and restaurants. To sidestep awkward situations on the odd occasion when I’m out with friends eating a curry I now go for the fish option instead. Should that not be available, I’ll go for vegetarian. Alas, you’re right to think that the majority of people will forget about this halal story within the week, and they’ll carry on eating what they normally do without giving it a second thought. Yet another triumph for the creeping Islamisation of our culture.

    Now that they’ve forced our caterers to go halal, succeeded in getting gagging legislation introduced that prevents people from criticising Islam, gained legal recognition for Shariah courts and state funding for Islamic faith schools, why should we expect them to stop in their drive for the total Islamisation of our society? And people have the gall to call us paranoid when we say that such a process is taking place!

    Cygnus, although your principled dietary stand means that this issue doesn’t pose you that much personal inconvenience, I appreciate your expression of support for the banning of halal slaughter. The list of companies, businesses and products that have become Shariah-compliant in the UK is truly alarming. Will the majority of our people ever wake up and open their eyes to what is happening?

  6. I had no idea that animals were being slaughtered in this barbaric way, and happened to be sitting in Costa Coffee as I read this article. I felt totally disgusted and sick to my stomach. I will certainly be writing to my MP and to all the offending establishments that I have frequented, to register my revulsion at their secrecy and support of this butchery and to inform them that they will no longer enjoy our patronage. Hope you will do the same.

  7. In regards to the general "so what?" attitude from the general public, I sometimes ask myself - "just when these liberals and indifferent's will say no to something?"

    I have not seen a particular friend of mine for quite some time now, because we have simply gone too far in different ways to even complete a civil discussion when anything other than mowing the grass or fixing the TV comes up.

    What I should perhaps ask next time I see them, is just WHAT will it take for them to take a stand.

    The indifference, the "swayable arguments" for and against everything, the deliberations on how to "juggle" these issues and all the rest of it just pisses me off with these people now. We are being eaten alive from the inside out.

    There appears to be no limit on any form of depravity, whether moral or cultural. No limit to immigration, no limits to anybody doing anything.....that is, unless you are defending against all these things, then you may be hounded down, bullied, criticised as being - as I was called lately by this 'friend' of mine - "closed minded" and "so intolerant".

    As for Halal specifically......does anybody know what is happening with that 5 Acre Halal plant planned for Wales? I know it was news perhaps a year ago. Have not heard much since.

  8. According to the Bible, any Christian or Jew should not eat any food sacrificed to another god. People in the UK could use this as a pretext to find halal foods offensive to them.

    Personally, I won't eat it because it supports arselifters. So I boycott any company that produces foodstuffs with halal ingredients. That's all the company's products whether it has anything halal in it or not. I refuse to have this forced on me.

    I urge others to do the same.

  9. I refuse to eat ANY meat that does not come from a pig.

    Problem solved.

    It does NOT mean, however, that I will not fight against the islamification of our menu cards.

  10. Anonymous, I’m glad that this article was of some service in enlightening you as to what is going on with our food in the UK. Let us know if you receive a reply from your MP.

    BA, I recognise your situation with respect to falling out with friends by refusing to ‘go with the flow’ rather than with logic. I now do all I can to avoid talking politics with certain friends now as they just get upset, and I find it rather sad that they should put the lies that they read in the Guardian or absorb from the BBC ahead of the considered opinions of an old friend. As for the halal plant in South Wales, I’ve not heard anything about that for a few months, so you can more or less guarantee that its construction will be underway. I’ll have to do some further research and write a piece should I uncover anything.

    Gary, any pretext for not eating halal is fine with me. I’m an atheist myself, but find the idea of halal slaughter utterly repellent. Like you, I tend to boycott Muslim businesses or those that pander to Islamic preferences. It can be difficult sometimes, but I’d sooner walk five miles than take a cab.

    Teutonicus, I’m with you on the ham and bacon front. You can guarantee that these will never be halal. In fact, I think that the European Counterjihad movement ought to choose the symbol of the wild boar as its totem rather than anything associated with religion. It has a strong resonance with our deep past and unites European non-Muslims of all faiths and none. Mind you, the French will probably see the boar as being their property (e.g. Bloc Identitaire use it as their symbol).

  11. My family banner is "the boar banner".:-)

    We are also Germanic (Norse Heathen). Always have been. My Grand, great gand, great great, etc Mothers were all shamans WAY up North in Sweden, and I could read and write in Runic before German or English.

    So, yes, I am partial to pig on more than one ground.

  12. One more point of interest....

    I fully support ALL opposition to the slaughter practices of 'halal meat & poultry' on the basis of unnecessary animal cruelty. But, there is another point which ought not be lost on us:

    For food (meat-based or NOT) to be certified 'Halal', it must be handled in a very 'special' way, all the way till it is served.

    It should, preferably, be ONLY touched, transported or otherwise handled by a Muslim, who may not be supervised by a non-Muslim. It MAY be handled by a Christian or a Jew, but only IF this person is directly and at all times supervised by a Muslim.

    If anyone else touches the food (even if it is packaged and sealed), it is no longer 'halal'!!!

    So much for Sikhs, Hindus, atheists or wiccans or anyone else hoping to WORK in the food industry! 'Halal compliant' food rules FORBID IT.

    This, I suspect, is a point that ought to be publicized more.... After all, if the food industry becomes 'halal compliant' by only employing Muslims, this does present some consequences to the society as a whole.

  13. Hmm. I have pointed that out on many posts I have made, BUT, unlike yourself, I did not take it to its logical conclusion.

    I must make a note and add it to my next post.

  14. A number of 2/4% dictating eating habits to the remaining 98/96%. Thats what this boils, no pun intended, down to.

    We have to do something but what?

    We have to organise. We have to set up grass root groups under one umbrella. Only then will that 98% be heard.

    It's working in America where Tea Parties have Obama and his marxist bunch on the run.

    Imposing anothers culture upon a host nation is as racist as anything the BNP could come up with yet which group is demonised as beyond the pale?

  15. Imposing anothers culture upon a host nation is as racist as anything the BNP could come up with.

    The difference, or partially, is that in the case of the muislims, it is our OWN people doing it to us.

    Yes the muslims are quite happy to go along with them, and produce even MORE demands, like rabbits out of the hat of a bad conjurer, but, particularly in Europe, it is the white "liberal" do gooders, in their rope sandles and reading "poetry" to each other that are forcing this on us all.

    The Westminster dicatorship, and the other "Governments" go along for the ride, because they would just HATE to loose all those BILLION dollar defence contracts from Saudi.

  16. It is even worst in asia, where their ever spreading of their sinister halal logo is even spreading to certain brands of nonfoodstuff such as shampoo, soap, mouthwash, toothpaste, hair dye! And some inconsiderate asians business people are even indirectly trying to force us nonbelievers to accept the halal labelled brands by marking up the price of nonhalal labelled things or making nonhalal labelled stuff to be unaffordable for some of us nonbelievers. WLIL


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