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Friday, 17 September 2010

Plot to kill Pope Benedict intercepted

The UK is currently on a heightened state of alert (classed as 'severe') for (Islamist) terrorist attack, and this morning a little before 6am five men were detained by counter-terrorism officers. Initially, the BBC was typically coy about the identities of the men, providing their ages but neither their nationalities nor their confessional allegiance. From the outset however it was clear that the men were Islamists, but as readers will be aware, not only has the BBC become reticent about referring to ‘Islamic’ or ‘Muslim’ terrorism, but it has in recent years even shied away from mentioning the most overtly politicised and anti-Western form of this religion that goes under the name of ‘Islamism’. The Daily Telegraph on the other hand, was not so squeamish about citing the national backgrounds of the detainees: several are Algerians, and I’ll wager that all of those arrested were Muslims. This evening it transpires that a sixth man was arrested at lunchtime. All of those concerned worked for the cleaning company Veolia Environment Services.

The presence of these men bears testimony to Cardinal Kasper’s observation that arriving in Britain was now like landing in a “Third World country.” Indeed, these men were from the Third World and had (if they possess passports) the most tenuous association with Britain and the real British people. Thus it is with untold millions who hold UK passports, but possess neither a sense of belonging nor allegiance to the country in which they reside, nor to its native people. Indeed, many hate us. This hate is at its most systematised within the doctrinaire Muslim fifth column.

The unhappy fact of Britain’s colonisation by Third World malcontents is further attested by the depressing news that many prisoners convicted of Islamist-terror related offences will shortly be released. Unsurprisingly, they have not dropped the jihadi views that generated the actions that landed them in prison. They hold UK passports, but they are ‘British’ in name only. They are aggressive aliens; interlopers who ought to be deported along with their families with no right of appeal and no right of readmission. Their numbers however are sure to be supplemented by newcomers trained in Somalia, Pakistan and wherever else Islamists are able to operate training camps.

Although I do not generally find that my opinions coincide with those of the Pope, I must say that I thought (and still do think) that he spoke honestly and with perfect sense when in his September 2006 Regensburg Address he quoted the fourteenth-century Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Paleologus:
Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.
My sentiments are at one with those of Paleologus and the Pope on this issue. Evidently, this stirred up rancour amongst Muslims globally and will doubtless have served to mark him out as more of a target than he already was for Muslim militants.

Thankfully neither Pope Benedict nor the crowds who flocked to see him have come to any harm. We shall have to wait and see whether or not the six detainees had something concrete planned for the papal visit. The Telegraph claims that the police believe that the men were plotting to assassinate the Pope, but what means they intended to employ have as yet to be revealed. Below is a Sky News video report relating to the arrest of the plotters:


  1. I've struggled to get any concrete information on this today, for obvious reasons. The depressing thing about all this is that even if they are all found guilty, its unlikely that A). They will be deported after serving their prison scentence, and B). It will have any impact on the mainstream media's (or the governments) position on islamic extremism. Imagine if a bunch of Christians were found plotting to murder a prominent muslim cleric. It'd clog up the news for weeks. Cygnus.

  2. You're right Cygnus, it is unlikely that any of these six should they be convicted will at some point find that they are deported back to their countries of origin. Doubtless they will serve a risibly short sentence and then be released without having repented or reformed, and look to take up the jihad where they left off.

    It is astonishing that some people think that Cameron's Conservative Party will do anything about the advance of doctrinaire Islam other than enable it. Your observation with respect to what would happen if a group of Christians were discovered attempting to kill a leading Muslim cleric is apposite. Not only would it 'clog up the news for weeks', but I'm certain that it would spawn Islamic outrage, rioting and death around the globe with demands for vengeance to be taken on Christians everywhere.

  3. Although I am a very law abiding person, just sometimes I wish the police weren't so good at their job.

    Chris Hill


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