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Wednesday 8 September 2010

Christine Tasin receives Facebook Fatwa

The Bivouac-ID blog notes that on 6 September Christine Tasin, organiser of last Saturday’s anti-Islamisation protest Grand Apéritif Républicain, discovered that a ‘fatwa’ had been issued against her on Facebook. The threatening message was entitled 'Blasphemy is an offence in Islam!' The text read:

A Fatwa has been pronounced against you. All Muslims of France and Navarre, wherever they find themselves, have the duty to execute the said fatwa. The law of the Qur’an states that whosoever blasphemes against Islam must be hunted down and punished.
This is alarming but hardly unexpected. Tasin notes that such threats should not be dismissed lightly, pointing to the examples of Theo van Gogh and Robert Redeker. Thankfully, unlike van Gogh, Redeker remains alive, but alas leads a far from normal existence having been forced into hiding in 2006 following his publication of an article in Le Figaro in which he wrote 'Islam is a religion that, in its own sacred text, as well as in its everyday rites, exalts violence and hatred.'

Tasin however is not cowed by the Facebook fatwa. She writes:

We will never give in to this threat; we are more than ever determined to oppose with all our might the establishment of an Islamic society in France. It is our duty to our children and our grandchildren who have not deserved this.
Unsurprisingly, the fatwa has confirmed her view that Islam and Shariah are incompatible with French law and the French way of life. Following the fatwa, she has already received two death threats within 24 hours and the French police are said to be taking the threats seriously. She will be giving a press conference on the subject of freedom of expression at the Convention Nationale de Rif this Saturday. How will the French Left react to this threat to Tasin’s safety? Will we see MRAP denouncing the ‘fatwa’? Will a French mainstream political equivalent of Thilo Sarrazin step forward to speak out about the dangers of Islamisation? I very much doubt it.


  1. It is disgusting that the gov refuses to use proper French law to arrest these scum! This is incitement! A bas les putains de la loi!

  2. They arrest you if you take an "unauthorized citizens video" of Mohammedan rioters who set cars alight and burn pensioners in buses.

    The don't arrest the thousands of "praying" Mohammedans who block the streets on Friday's to assert themselves.....

  3. The French law seems to be applied in a far from impartial manner, just as the peculiar bunch of so-called anti-fascists in MRAP attack French democrats rather than Islamists. C'est une honte!

  4. French citizens need to arm themselves and apply the law at the popular level.

  5. Well Gary, there could be a time for that. Quite when and if it arrives is a matter for conjecture.

  6. Get used to the idea...

    btw... Americanization is Salvation...

  7. I arrived here via the huge number of anti islamisation blogs which have sprung up right across the internet.

    There's always a link to pursue. And I do pursue.

    I read of this and sighed, not another incident yet here it is. Us and them.

    Authority which is blinded by political correctness and a citizenry armed, not with physical weapons as yet but information, facts and a growing resistance.

    In reply to Gary, his arming of citizenry is already making waves across the US where Obama is doing his damnedest to disarm them. Now the call is out to stock up with ammo. What a putz?

    Denmark is another and blogger fiordman wrote quite an apocalyptic scenario as to what happens when the tipping point arrives. His tale involved armed militia in what basically would be civil war. If its still ther its worth reading on Gates of Vienna. Quite an eye opener.

    Course there is a way to stop all of this but will 'they' listen before it's too late? I'm not holding any breath.

    Here in Britain with our gleaming new gov. we expected a little listening but so far Cameron has simultaneously, in his spending purge, talked of reducing Winter Fuel Payment for pensioners and in the same breath pledged further millions to Pakistan.

    Needless to say it has been noted. The first pensioner found dead in an icebox home will ignite such fury, the like not seen for a long while.

    We pay taxes as Jizya now whilst allowing our old folk to die? Not quite the pre election promise.

    Its the same obviously right across Europe. How long before it blows?

  8. Thanks for dropping in logdon. Yes, it is incredible how many anti-Islamisation blogs have proliferated in recent years. It would seem that they have emerged as a response to the neglect of this issue by the mainstream media and the resultant sense of frustration that many people feel. This is what moved me to start writing.

    The fact that so many of us who write on this topic have to adopt pseudonyms in order to retain our jobs and avoid threats of violence is a sad indictment of our mainstream political leaders who still enable the spread of Islam in our societies. Ultimately, Islam would not be a problem for us if our leaders were willing to take the necessary actions in the domestic sphere to root out this alien growth. That they are so reluctant to do so points us in the direction of the ultimate collapse of our nation-states and their fragmentation into a warring patchwork of ethno-confessional territories. The arming of the citizenry that Gary refers to will therefore occur spontaneously should such a scenario unfold. Fjordman has certainly written some excellent pieces, and I share much of his outlook and prognosis.

    Yes, the slashing of the Winter Fuel Payment and indeed of public spending across the board whilst increasing aid to Pakistan does rather smack of jizya. We won’t see the NUJ reporting on this fact though, so whilst I still have the time and the means, I’ll have to be here tapping away on my keyboard in an attempt to provide an alternative perspective on events in an attempt to stop our people sleepwalking into the abyss. There are many things other than blogging that I’d like to be doing, but given that the media has been totally silent about the death threat to Christine Tasin, somebody has to take responsibility for informing the public.


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