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Saturday 10 December 2011

UK to leave EU and Talking Baboons discovered on Mars

So the Daily Express would have you believe in a gushing piece in praise of PR man turned politician David Cameron today (well, to be fair this observation extends only to the first part of the title, for the paper has nowhere intimated that a species of supersentient primates has been discovered living on the red planet). The explanation for its headline ‘Britain Close to EU Exit’ lies not in the actual course of events, but in its fawning devotion to promoting the political fortunes of the Conservative Party; a party led by globalising asset strippers who, whenever the occasion is deemed expedient, don patriotic drag in order to appeal to the rapidly diminishing native British percentage of the population. This cunning cabal of self-interested wretches know precisely what they are doing, as do the editorial staff of the Daily Express.

The ongoing crisis within the EU occasioned by debt-fuelled ‘growth’ has been used as a pretext to try and accelerate the project of ‘ever closer’ political and economic union. As such, the measures currently being agreed were bound to pose presentational problems for the pro-EU Condem Government, particularly for the parliamentary Conservative Party, cleft as it is between its pro-EU (larger) and anti-EU (smaller) factions, in an awkward relationship with the EU-philiac Liberal Democrats.  How could the Government sell its stance to a generally EU-sceptic British public? The answer of course lies in persuading Tory newspapers and the EU adoring BBC to hype Cameron’s position vis-à-vis what is being agreed by other EU member states in their handling of the eurozone crisis, and to portray his stance as being highly EU-sceptic (I prefer this term to Eurosceptic, as this latter term carries within it an implicit anti-Europeanism which is not actually characteristic of many of us who oppose the EU as a political project). As can be seen from the following hyperbolic extract taken from the Daily Express, this is what is being done:

BRITAIN took a massive step towards quitting the EU yesterday when David Cameron defeated a bid by Brussels for more power.

In a historic stand that plunges our membership into serious doubt, he became the first British PM to veto an EU treaty.

It is a significant victory for the Daily Express Crusade for the UK to exit the European bureaucracy.

The PM declared at the end of a bitter summit row in the Belgian capital yesterday: “I think I did the right thing for Britain. We were offered a treaty that didn’t have proper safeguards for Britain and I decided it was not right to sign that treaty.”

His defiant “no” in the face of a bullying Franco-German plot won widespread applause last night. And jubilant Tories insisted that the rift with the Brussels bureaucracy now makes a referendum on our EU membership unavoidable.

Tory MPs were last night understood to be preparing a “hero’s welcome” for the Prime Minister when he returns to the Commons on Monday.
Here we see once more that through his play-acting as a ‘defender of British interests’ (i.e. defender of the interests of a small oligarchical stratum of globalist asset strippers operating in the UK) he has managed to sidestep the issue of a public referendum on EU membership by securing an opt-out from a new treaty. As the article later states, Cameron has specifically ruled out the possibility of a referendum on EU membership, using the agreement reached in Brussels as justification for this stance. The Conservative Party has just as much political intent to remove the UK from the EU as it has in restricting mass immigration to the country: none. Under the Cameron administration we have seen additional sovereign powers surrendered to Brussels as well as an unprecedented level of immigration. Don’t be fooled by the headlines thrown out as chaff by the Tory press to deflect your attention from the reality of what is happening. These papers would have you believe that the Conservative Party is a patriotic party opposed to the EU and mass immigration as well as a promoter of the national interest, whereas it is in fact the antithesis of all three. It is a party, like the Labour and Liberal Democratic parties, of lies and deception on a grand scale. 

Lastly, have you noticed how the mainstream media like to present the UK as a haven in the global economic storm, and as being in more robust shape than the members of the Eurozone? If this is the case, then why does the pound continue to fare so dismally against the Euro? It is currently trading at round about €1.17 to the pound.

Pound - Euro Exchange Rate 
Nov - Dec 2011 (BBC)


  1. Supersentient primates were the first creatures into space. Well they or dogs. Both lovely animals!

  2. Laika the Soviet space dog was the first of course in 1957, followed by Ham the American chimp in 1961. Unfortunately for Laika, her trip into space was a one-way affair, whereas Ham returned to Earth to live out his days until 1983.

  3. Wellsaid, Durotogian, but how can those of us who aren't stunningly naive about the globalist troika wake-up our fellow Britons as to reality? Those who swallow the rubbish printed by the likes of the Sun, Daily Express and Daily Mail need a very sharp prod to get their political brain cells working.

  4. How can we wake people up? That's a difficult question to answer. Unfortunately, I think that many of them are quite content to slumber on and will probably react rather grumpily to our insistence that they give their eyes a good rub and take a look at the World as it is, rather than looking at it through the distorting prism of the official media.


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