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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Gunman with a Grudge: Nordine Amrani

The Daily Telegraph reports that lawyers have come up with an explanation for Nordine Amrani's gun and grenade attack on Belgian shoppers in Liège yesterday: he held a "grudge against society".  He feared, apparently, going back to prison and felt that he had been "set up". Quite why a gun-toting, grenade-loving misogynist sex offender felt "set up" I shall leave the reader to speculate. According to the Telegraph, his lawyer, a certain Miss Amrani (although she shares his surname she is not a relative)
Well, if this Moroccan resident of Liege held a grudge against the Belgian legal system, which seemed after all to be only doing its job in calling him to report to a police station yesterday, why did he then purposefully target ordinary Belgians at, of all places, a Christmas market, before killing himself? Why did he first rape and then shoot a 45-year-old cleaner? Does not this suicide attack, which resulted in the killing of the innocent at this particular location at this time, possess a certain symbolic significance? According to blogger Klein Verzet, the attack could be linked to violent threats made on 13 December to a Belgian court which handed down sentences for a Muslim honour killing: four members of a Pakistani Muslim family - a father and his sons - were gaoled for killing daughter Sadia Sheikh in 2007. However, one thing in this case does stand out as startlingly clear: it is a myth that growing and smoking cannabis makes you 'mellow' or 'laid back'; psychotic - yes; sociable - no. The rather graphic video below reveals the bloody aftermath of Amrani's rampage in Liège.

Indiscriminate Killer - Nordine Amrani (courtesy of Daily Telegraph)


  1. According to the BBC lunchtime news, Amrani was "a right-wing extremist". Amazing.

  2. Really? Were the BBC then claiming that he shot himself because he was a Moroccan immigrant? Very odd.

  3. Some people do seem to be rather too quick to say this cannot be terrorism.

    Either they did not have him under surveillance, in which case in order to check out terrorist links they would need to go through:
    - his mobile phone and landline records,
    - his computer trail on his own laptop and ISP, and on cafe internet connections,
    - person-to-person contacts at prison, mosques and other known congregation centers.

    Or, they did have him under surveillance, for which they would have needed some reason other than small-time violent crime.

    More and more, it seems, the MSM quick push of news/message doesn't match up with any discerning person's pull/investigation of facts/data.

  4. Very true Derek P. It is certainly too early to rule out a terrorist motivation for all of the reasons that you have cited. There are certain things that the MSM doesn't like to highlight, and it does strike me as peculiar that until his lawyer stepped in to stress that Amrani "was not Muslim" his Moroccan ethnicity wasn't mentioned. It was left to others amongst us of an inquisitive bent to do some sleuthing and put the facts together for ourselves.

    If it were to be found that Amrani did have Islamist connections, how much attention do you think that the MSM in the UK would devote to this? I suspect that they'd let the story quietly fade from people's memories and then make minor reference to it.

  5. Something about this smells wrong. I was surprised how quickly it was announced that there was no terrorist motive (even before his name had been revealed and only a couple of hours after the incident) and how that message has been repeatedly hammered home by the MSM. Surely it'd take more time to establish a true motivation? I suspect the truth will never come out.

  6. Yes, the MSM seemed to be in reflex mode in issuing the "no terrorist motive" message. How could they know? There's been no time for an investigation. Naturally though, it couldn't have anything to do with Islam, because it is a 'religion of peace'.

  7. It took me an eternity to actually find out what nationality he was! No mention of it by the Belgian authorities or Police spokesman, nothing on the Biased Broadcasting Company (surprise, surprise). If he had been White we would have known all about him..........

    Laurie -

  8. Yes, they preferred to refer to him as a Belgian national or Liege resident. No point in scaring people by mentioning his ethnic origin and thereby revealing his probable faith affiliation. Let's try a thought experiment:

    Man of Moroccan ethnicity rapes and kills a 45-year-old Belgian cleaner then goes out with a semi-automatic rifle and grenades to kill ordinary Belgian shoppers at a Christmas market. Motive – angry with the police and society.

    Counterfactual: man of Walloon ethnicity rapes and kills a black Muslim woman then goes out with a semi-automatic rifle and grenades to kill ordinary black Muslim shoppers at a market devoted to the celebration of Eid. Motive? What motive do you think would be imputed to his actions by the media and the police? They certainly were not backward in naming Gianluca Casseri as a member of a ‘far-right’ group after his murder of two Senegalese traders earlier this week.

  9. CIA factbook, Moroccan religious affiliation 2010:
    Muslim 98.7%, Christian 1.1%, Jewish 0.2%


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