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Thursday, 8 December 2011

‘Stop Anglophobia in Leicester!’

A group that I had not hitherto heard of – The English Community Group (Leicester) – has announced that it will be holding a silent demonstration against Anglophobia in Leicester this Sunday. This, presumably, has been prompted by the headlines this week connected to the racist attack on Rhea Page, as has a demo demanding justice for Rhea planned by the English Defence League for Saturday 21 January 2012. Of the two, it would seem that the EDL protest will be the larger owing to its higher public profile and established activist base. It promises to be a dank and dismal Sunday afternoon, which in itself is unlikely to motivate many people to head to the city centre other than for Christmas shopping. However large or small the demonstration is, don't expect to see it covered in the mainstream media.

As of this evening, the BBC website is still remaining mute about the Rhea Page case, thus betraying its duty as a public service broadcaster. Perhaps there should also be a demonstration against BBC editorial policy and its systematic distortion of issues relating to race and religion in the UK?

Details of this Sunday’s protest are reproduced from the English Community Group’s website with typographical errors corrected. The video by Ramzpaul that follows this announcement provides an interesting take on the recent divergent treatments of the Emma West and Rhea Page cases.

'Stop Anglophobia in Leicester!' Demo

Sunday December 11, 2011 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Leicester Clock Tower  

The English Community Group (Leicester) are the organisers of this lawful spontaneous Silent demonstration which is to highlight the silence from local media, council, MP's and other anti racism groups concerning English victims of Anglophobic attacks and to highlight how the English community is silenced at such times.

We hope to see the English community making a lawful stand on the day against racism towards the English community in Leicester.

Bring tape to put over your mouths to highlight the fact of the silence from the local media, council, MP's and other anti racism groups.

We have placards for people to hold but bring any of your own that state 'Stop Anglophobia!' or anything suggesting the silence of the media etc when Anglophobic attacks occur.

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